Sales Quoting Software- A smart tool for Attractive, Professional Quotes

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There are many modules, platforms and software available in the market that make day-to-day operations of business easier and aid in acquiring better ROI. Sales quoting software is one such tool. CRM with quoting modules are the current big thing influencing the daily operations of a company.

Sales Quoting Software

Sales quoting software basically provides highly accurate, insightful and professional quotes to the customers. The quotes have rich images as well as in detail specifications of the product. It carries out the otherwise mundane task of collecting price information as well as inventory information from multiple vendors onto a single platform and can grant easy access to data, thus facilitating the preparation of a better sales quote that has a higher chance of sales conversion. It greatly boosts sales by providing well informed and analytically backed decisions pertaining to up-sell as well as cross-sell.
To top it all, as the software is web-based, it can guarantee access irrespective of the location you are at. Whether you are on the field talking to the client or at your head office or the manufacturing plant location, you can create and access quality quotes at any time. With this software, the customers are also provided with the ability to view their quotes online.

Features of Sales Quotation Software

Features of sales quotation software

  • User-friendly Interface

Among the many features that sales quoting software provides, the most important feature is that of the ability to create and manage sales quotes in a proper, precise and easy way. It also provides the ability to send the sales quote to clients, almost instantly. A user-friendly, and a simple interface easily allows putting up together of complex sales quotes.

  • Define your Own Price Rules

Standard price rules can be predefined by the company according to company policies and these predefined rules then can be easily used to generate simple quotes quickly. All the functions such as copying, saving, printing or emailing of quotes to the client can be easily done. In addition, quotes can be provided to the client in multiple formats as requested by them.

  • View Street Pricing Before Quoting

While prior online quoting a client, it is very necessary to check the street pricing of the product and that too from multiple vendors. Sales quoting software has the features to do these processes. It can also duplicate as well as create multiple versions of the same quote. In addition, it can provide valuable suggestions pertaining to upselling as well as the cross-selling of products.

  • Customization

In this era of constantly changing market dynamics, customization is the one key factor that allows a company to serve its clients better. Sales quoting software provides the ability to provide customized quotes aimed at better addressing the needs of the clients.
The software enables the company to choose its very own sales quoting template from many options. In addition, it provides the ability to add notes at micro levels such as SKU levels. These notes may be different for each product. One can easily group items in a quote as not all customers look for a single product and may demand the quote for multiple, varying products.

  • Easily Include Additional Information

Product collaterals, sales tax information, delivery information, discounts, rebates, warranties, etc. can be easily added to a quote. These can all be done through a set of predefined rules. It also allows the hiding of specific information such as manufacturer part number, and other details in a quote. In addition, it can facilitate the creation of a quote for a custom bundle of company offering, designed specifically for a particular client.

  • Get Real Time Product Information

Sales quoting software can provide accurate, updated and real-time product information that too on the go, and along with rich content. The software allows integration with multiple vendors to gain daily updates on information on inventory and pricing parameters. It also provides quotes having high-quality images, as well as insightful technical specifications. It allows the checking of product specifications such as pricing and other details related to inventory in real time.

  • Access and View Quotes Online

Online access to quotes is another important feature of sales quoting software. They can be easily made available on the online platform of a company so that the customers can easily view and access them. In addition, customers can also track the history of the quote, the amendments made to it, as well as the status of the quote, online. They can also compare quotes as well as products and can put up a request for a quote online.

  • Integration

Integration features of a sales quoting software also greatly help a company to manage its sales quoting processes efficiently. Usually, a sales quoting software integrates with major CRM & ERP platforms as well as other procurement systems. These facilitate the use of features such as those from CRM (Opportunity tracking, lead management etc.) to gain insights on customer behaviour. Such insights may help to provide the best possible quote. To and fro data can also be facilitated between two platforms such as generated quotes from sales management software can be transferred to CRM as opportunities generated.

  • Digital Signature

Another feature that is provided by sales quoting software is the embedding of digital signature onto a quote for faster sign out and completion of transactions. In addition, online acceptance of payment, payment details as well as payment advisory can be imbibed in a quote itself to facilitate faster closure of a deal. There is also a tool to provide information about when the customer opens quotations as well as the follow-up emails.
Sales quoting software essentially allows the speeding up of the whole process, namely quoting to sales order to purchase order. It efficiently maintains the full, updated, in detail history of a purchase order. It effectively boosts your pricing intelligence to gain a competitive edge. All these reasons amply justify an investment in a good sales management software.

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