Top Marketing Channels for VARs to Generate Leads

May 17, 2017 Topics :

Lead generation is one major challenge that VARs face in their sales process. Unless there is a lead, it is not possible to establish the first point of contact with the potential customer. Most VARs usually use common lead generation channels such as email marketing, trade shows and the company website. But, why you should restrict lead generation from a handful of channels, when there are many more others?

Take a look at top marketing channels that you should consider to generate leads:


Surprisingly, referrals remain an untapped source of lead generation. Did you know that 50% B2B organizations think that referrals are the most efficient lead generation tool? So, do not hesitate to ask your existing customers and other business contacts for referrals.


Affinity Marketing

You can find a partner company who is ready to share its customer database with you. This is actually called affinity marketing. When you collaborate with other companies with a similar target audience and combine the marketing efforts, there are better chances of lead generation. It can help you to build a large prospect database as compared to what you could have done single-handedly.


Social Media

If you thought that only B2C businesses can leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram for lead generation, then it’s time to rethink. Because, social media can help you to reach a more targeted audience and generate qualified leads quickly. In fact, social media leads have higher chances of closure.


Content Marketing

According to a survey, content marketing remains the king in the digital marketing sphere. In fact, 80% B2B companies have cited lead generation as their most important content marketing goal. You can create content in the form of ebooks, blogs, white papers and newsletters focusing on customer problem areas and providing solutions. This will strengthen your digital presence and credibility, and develop a connection with the readers. You can make your content exclusive and ask the readers to leave their contact details to access the content.


Catalog Export

You can generate leads from worldwide by exporting your product catalog to popular marketplaces like Amazon. You can create a homepage and showcase your products, which will initiate buying inquiries from the potential customers.



Influencers are industry experts, thought leaders and decision makers whose opinions, ideas and insights create an impact. Their followers and readers are your leads. You can tie-up with influencers to share your content or talk about your brand.


Lead Generation Company

You can also generate a steady stream of qualified leads for your business using lead generation companies. Instead of doing it yourself, you can outsource it to a third party. They have specialized experience in making cold calls, doing persistent follow-ups and passing on warm leads to you. Most lead generation companies can implement a combination of inbound and outbound marketing tactics such as telemarketing, email marketing, social media, SEO, print media, landing page optimization and digital advertising to capture as many as leads possible.


Host a Special Event

Hosting a special event such as an after-hours wine-and-cheese party for your customers can also help to generate new leads. You can extend the invitation to their friends/contacts who could be your prospects. You can also sponsor a charity, an art or a sport event, and promote them actively.


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