Catalog Export to Shopping comparison sites and Market Places

A well designed and branded e-store is just the first step towards maximising your revenues. It is equally important to increase the flow of customers to your website so that you can sell more. The Catalog Export to Shopping comparison sites and Market Places functionality from VARStreet will ensure that we take your catalog to some of the most popular 3rd party sites that can bring more traffic to your store and Increase Sales.

What is it?

This add on feature enables you to export your VARStreet aggregated or custom catalog directly from VARStreet into major shopping comparison sites and Market Places like Google, Bing, Amazon,, Nextag, The Find etc. Prospects will then be able to search for your products on such platforms and when they click on the product to learn more or to purchase from your e-store, they are automatically redirected to your eStore with VARStreet. This will direct them to your e-store and they will be able to complete the entire transaction cycle.

How does it work?

To get advantage of this add on feature, all you need is to have an account with the shopping comparison sites and market places that VARStreet has integration with. You will also be required to configure some basic set up within VARStreet system and then you are all ready to use this feature. After that, we will export the catalog to our FTP servers based on the product and pricing rules that you want to define in the format that is acceptable to the site that you decide to export the catalog to. This pre defined catalog will then be uploaded to your designated search engines or market places at the frequency decided by you. Similarly, this catalog will be updated at regular intervals as specified by you.