Email Marketing

Email Marketing, Branding, SEO, Catalog Export Generate Awareness & Demand with e-Marketing

Our powerful electronic marketing modules enables VARs gain new customers, and grow revenues from existing customers – with continuous ongoing marketing. Drive customers and prospects to E-Commerce. Create, manage and monitor marketing campaigns and ongoing customer communications and surveys.

Our marketing module enables you to do all that and more. Implemented effortlessly – integrated into your business. So marketing becomes a mainstream function – rather than a sporadic activity when you find time.

VARStreet’s e-Marketing module is a fully-integrated part of your e-commerce system so you can create and send compelling sales and promotional messages to your customers and prospects, and track and manage them through the entire process – from initial interest and quoting through online ordering, fulfilment & tracking. Add to that the ability to Do full SEO (Search engine optimization) on your store and also export catalog to major shopping engines & comparison sites like Google, Nextag, Amazon, Bing, etc and your Marketing strategy is in place.

What does it do?

Full Service SEO (Add on)

Enable your store for Search Engine optimization. Create unlimited custom pages, add your own keywords, metatags to the custom pages to get better visibility and traffic through Search engines

Catalog Export to comparison sites & Market places (Add On)

Export your whole catalog or a subset to price comparison sites & market places like Google, Bing, Nextag, Pricegrabber,, The Find etc.

Marketing Campaigns for multiple purposes

Create campaigns for ongoing lead generation with multiple messages. Launch new products and specialized services. Create routine weekly, monthly customer communications – to keep customers informed. Conduct customer surveys to evolve strategy.

Easy Campaign & Content Creation

Create professional looking HTML campaigns with product images or simple e-mail messages. Assemble multiple elements of content where appropriate. Embed multiple call-to-actions like BUY, MORE INFO., and Call – at element or campaign level. Define target audience. Launch. In just a few minutes.

Better Targeting with List Management

Choose audience from your contact base, based on customer profile, demographics or responses to previous campaigns. Combine, split and augment target lists from other lists. Dynamic lists enable automatic inclusion of contacts matching profiling criteria. Opted out contacts are maintained in the list simplifying list management tasks.

Integrated Marketing and E-Commerce

VARStreet’s marketing module is tightly integrated to E-Commerce store. All campaigns are created and launched with automatic pullback to your general storefront / customer extranet. So revenue generation can go beyond items promoted in the campaign. Build and promote E-Commerce.

Measure ROI in real-time

Call-to-action embedded links with the campaign allow response tracking in real-time. See what works and how prospects and customers respond to campaigns. Analyze metrics at element or campaign level and fine-tune strategy.

Leverage Manufacturer Promotions with Flow-thru Marketing (Under Development)

Manufacturer promotions and specials are delivered directly to your application Inbox. With the unique flow-thru marketing interface, you can instantly include relevant manufacturer promotion into your marketing efforts.