A CRM designed to help you sell more

An optimized ecommerce CRM module.

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Prebuilt CRM module

All our ecommerce stores come with a prebuilt CRM module.

Store analytics let you track a customers journey on your store.

The CRM is a central repository for customers’ contacts, preferences, etc.

Manage your store efficiently and increase conversions by using the extensive data collected.

Abandoned cart handling

Comprehensive reports let you handle abandoned carts effectively.

Get detailed reports on the demographics of your visitors, the geographies with a higher rate of abandoned carts, products that are popular, etc.

Automate marketing, retarget visitors, tweak your prices, etc. to increase conversions on your ecommerce store.

Seamless integration with ecommerce

Our CRM integrates with all our ecommerce stores.

Manage your customers, their pricing structures, customer groups, etc. effortlessly.

Track leads, generate reports, run campaigns and a lot more. Your customers also enjoy a personalised shopping experience.