PunchOut / Roundtrip

If you deal with Large Corporates, Govt, Education or Healthcare customers then it is highly probable that they will expect you to provide PunchOut / Roundtrip with their own eProcurement system. As a VAR if you are not able to respond quickly to your buyers eProcurement initiatives there are full chances of you losing out the customer to your competition.

PunchOut / Roundtrip is getting more popular than ever. More and more buyers now want their supplier to be able to PunchOut to their Procurement system which gives them obvious cost advantage by avoiding double entry and also it helps them manage their procurement better with the built in complex workflows. VARStreet receives PunchOut request regularly from VARS who want to sell online to such customers but are not able to do it because they do not have PunchOut capabilities. In most cases buyers who need PunchOut capability will not do business with a VAR who does not an eCommerce store with PunchOut Capabilities.

However you don’t have to worry! With VARStreet you can have PunchOut ready stores within days. We have been doing these successfully for so many years now that you can completely trust us. Just give us your requirement and consider it done.

What is PunchOut?

A PunchOut / Roundtrip is a method for buyers to buy from Suppliers eCommerce store from within the buyer’s own procurement application or hosted eProcurement system. A regular PunchOut catalog involves the following steps –

  • Buyer logs in to their own Procurement system and clicks on a link to connect to supplier’s eCommerce Store.
  • This initiates a PunchOut session and launches the suppliers eCommerce store within buyers own procurement system. The Supplier is not required to log in again as it uses single sign on and the buyer is automatically logged in to the suppliers eCommerce store.
  • The supplier’s store is already configured for the buyer with the right products and pricing as per the contract. Buyer can now browse the store and search for products like they will do on any regular eCommerce store and add items to the shopping cart.
  • Upon checkout the order is not sent to the supplier but it is brought back into the buyer’s procurement application.
  • The buyer then proceeds through all the necessary workflow steps which may include adding or deleting items, cancelling the requisition or sending it for approval to the right authorities etc.
  • Once approved, the buyer then creates a Purchase order and sends it to the supplier. The Purchase order can be sent via email, fax, Mail or any other mode as agreed between the Buyer and the Supplier.
  • This is when the supplier gets the actual order for processing and fulfilment.

Most of the PunchOut catalog requirements that we got till sometime back involved the above steps only. However we are now seeing the next wave of PunchOut requirements where the buyer also want to send Purchase Orders back in CXML format and not through fax, email or any other conventional mode. VARStreet PunchOut ready store is fully capable of accepting the Purchase orders from Buyers Procurement System back into the Suppliers VARStreet eCommerce Store. It involves the following steps –

  • Supplier receives the Purchase Order back from Buyer in CXML format through VARStreet’s PunchOut integration framework.
  • The shopping cart then verifies for any changes in the PO vis-à-vis the actual shopping cart that was created.
  • If there are any changes like Item Addition/Deletion, quantity updates, Bill to/Ship to Updates, comments etc then the shopping cart is updated with these changes.
  • This shopping cart then creates the supplier Purchase order into the Buyers VARStreet Backoffice for fulfilment.

The VARStreet PunchOut Offering –

VARStreet has ready PunchOut solution with almost all the well known procurement systems like

including buyers own home grown systems. We also provide complete flexibility for any new customization required in the PunchOut. We have done hundreds of PunchOut till date with various procurement systems. We have developed a unique integration framework specially designed for PunchOut requirements using which we are able to deploy the most complex of PunchOut within a few days to couple of weeks. We can do PunchOut with any system that allows PunchOut. A PunchOut usually involves the following steps –

  • We understand the PunchOut requirement based on information provided by the VAR
  • Our project manager then speaks with the end customer (Supplier) to understand if there are any other custom needs. If the VAR has all the information then this can be avoided as well.
  • Our In house team then configures the PunchOut for test by the supplier.
  • Once accepted, the PunchOut is moved to production for regular usage.

One eCommerce Store Does it ALL

You can do any number of PunchOut for your customers through the same eCommerce Store. So if you have 20 customers that require PunchOut with their own respective eProcurement systems then you do not need 20 ECommerce stores. You can just have one eCommerce store and update all your 20 customers on the same store and do a separate PunchOut Configuration for each one of them. The eCommerce store can be configured for all kind of orders including Orders from customers with PunchOut, Order from customers who do not have PunchOut, or even order from general consumers who are coming to your store for the first time. VARStreet eCommerce store is a one stop solution for anything you would want to do on the web.