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Revolutionize your Quoting Process VARStreet’s A2Q Mobile Quotation App

VARStreet A2Q is the next stage in VARStreet Sales Quoting Software.

We have taken our whole search and sales quoting module and created a mobile quotation app so that can swiftly search for products and create sales quotations quickly and easily.

Imagine a scenario where you are having a meeting with a customer at their office and they ask you for a Sales Quote. You can quickly check on your mobile device for available products along with their cost and inventory from all distributors. All you have to then do is to add that to a quote and send it to your customer within a few minutes. Not only this, your customers can sign off the quotation and make an online payment or approval instantly.

That’s the power of VARStreet A2Q – Anytime, Anywhere Quoting on mobile for you! No more “I will get back to you’s”.

Create professional quotes

Anytime, anywhere!

Anytime anywhere quoting

Create, send and manage quotes from your mobile device.

Pre-designed templates

Choose from multiple pre-designed quoting templates. You can also customize templates to suit your company’s branding. Add a logo, change colors or fonts.

Information on your mobile

Check on your mobile device for available products along with their cost and inventory from all distributors.

Mobile quoting

Search and add products to a quote instantly and send them to customers while out in the field.

Reduce the sales cycle

No more ‘I’ll get back to ya’! Your sales reps can act on the go and close deals faster.

Go mobile

A complete quoting software on your phone

Catalog and content

Access your entire product catalog on the Mobile App along with rich content. Add products to quote easily!

Browse products on the go

Browse, search and compare products on the go.

Get real time price and availability for products from multiple distributors set up in your VARStreet account.

Respond within minutes

“Your customers can request for a quote in a matter of a few clicks, and your staff can respond in no time with a ‘call-to-action’ in the quote.”

Not just responsive UI

A complete Mobile App for VARStreet’s quoting module, search and customer master.

An extension of VARStreet back-office

If you are already a VARStreet customer, then you can just add this to your existing subscription.

Aggregated catalog

On your finger tips!

40+ distributors

VARStreet aggregates the product catalogs from 40+ IT and office supplies distributors in the United States and Canada.

Access this catalog on VARStreet’s Mobile App. Easily pick and add products to the quotes qhile on the go.

Multi-distributor price and inventory

Get real time price and inventory updates from multiple distributors. Compare prices from multiple distributors in a single screen.

Have access to the latest information before quoting.

Custom catalog

Add custom products to your product catalog. You can also add an ad hoc product to the quote.

Free rich content

Get rich content FREE with a VARStreet subscription. Your customers get a better insight to the products and it helps them make quicker decisions.

Reduce the sales cycle with VARStreet’s A2Q Mobile App!

A Mobile App that let’s you do it all!


Sell faster. Sell better.

An improved sales pipeline

Every quote created on sales quoting app creates an opportunity in the CRM.

You can also work on an opportunity and create a quote for the same.

Link outside and inside reps

The quotes created by inside sales reps can be accessed by the outside sales reps on VARStreet’s mobile quoting app.

Build efficiency

Complete trackability of quotes and improved forecasting.

Increase conversions of quotes

VARStreet’s sales quoting app lets you create the most complex quotes in minutes and the integration with the CRM ensures complete visibilty of your entire sales pipeline. Reduced turnaround times increase the conversions of your quotes.

Ready integrations on your mobile device

Seamless processes

All VARStreet integrations with various ERP, CRM and accounting systems are available on the A2Q Mobile Quoting App.

No data loss and no errors!

Auto-calculate tax and freight

VARStreet’s quote making app integrates with freight companies like UPS, FedEx, etc.

Shipping charges get auto-calculated and added to your quote.

We also auto-calculate tax and offer Avalara integration if you need one.

In house integration team

We have a dedicated integration team that will carry out the process for you and get all your systems in sync with VARStreet.

Seamless order processing

Sell faster. Sell better.

Convert confirmed quotes to purchase orders in 1-2 clicks

Compare and override already available price and inventory into the quote with the most latest information including latest promotions, if any.

Create a single or multiple purchase orders for the same quote.

Auto updtation of serial numbers and tracking numbers once the products are shipped or drop shipped by the distributor.

Create professional quotes
anywhere, anytime!

Download our mobile app and get our
powerful online quoting software on the go.

Empower your sales reps with our mobile quoting tool and see your conversions soar

Superb syncing

Single database for both web and mobile versions ensures a complete sync with your VARStreet back office in real time.

Available on any OS

Works on Android and iOS Devices and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.