Bid Support for Gov Ed Resellers

Agencies receive hundreds (in some cases, thousands) of replies to their RFPs. Preparing a response that stands out from the crowd requires more than just simple answers. They look for contractors who can demonstrate their competence in understanding the requirements, and effectively articulate their ability to fulfil them. Our Bid Support team has the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to not only understand the e-procurement requirements, but also the business drivers and objectives behind them. This is crucial to submitting a complete and competent response. We go beyond the basics – every component of our Bid Support package is designed to help you deliver a “contract winning” response.

Govt & Educational IT procurement is a huge business and VARs know it well. A growing number of these contracts are now having online catalog / e-commerce readiness as a mandatory requirement, with many of them also demanding the Reseller e-stores to Punchout with government’s own procurement system. However it might not be financially logical for VARs to invest time, money and resources in the required online quoting tools and delivery mechanism before the award is made in their favour. In order to help VARs concentrate on their core business of selling IT products and services without losing the chances to win the bid or committing to contract requirements, VARStreet has come up with a unique Bid Support Package.

What is it?

Bid Support package is a unique concept where VARStreet works with you not as a vendor but your eCommerce/Punchout compliance partner. We remain with you at all stages of the contract. We become your extended arm and help you meet the contract requirements related to Online Catalog, eCommerce, Punchout etc without you having to invest a lot of time and money into it.

What will you get?

  • A dedicated VARStreet Bid Support team member to work closely with the VAR to understand RFI, RFQ, RFP (requirements related to online catalog/e-commerce/Punchout etc.)
  • Assistance to the VAR to create a response for the RFP for the above mentioned requirements.
  • Help with screenshots, power points and any other technical documentation required for the response.
  • A collaborative demonstration, if needed, to the government on the behalf of the resellers by VARStreet.
  • Hosting of fully functional e-commerce store with distributors’ online catalog at a heavily subsidized one time & monthly fee.
  • Availability of the hosted e-commerce store till the time reseller wins the bid or wants to continue hosting it.
  • Option of reverting to the original price after winning the contract. This post contract price will be communicated to the reseller right in the beginning of purchase of Bid Support Package.
  • Option to cancel or continue using VARStreet platform for a different customer in case a VAR is not awarded the contract.

Please contact VARStreet Sales to learn more about our Bid Support Package.