Configurations/ Bundles/ Workflows

As companies grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and control your catalog, Pricing, outgoing documents, and various other variables. It becomes all the more critical in a VAR business environment where all the variables are highly dynamic in nature.

We have worked with hundreds of large VARS who in turn works with various large enterprise customers including large Govt. contracts and fortune 500 companies. VARStreet’s built in Approval Workflow Management module, Configurations and Bundling functionality are all built keeping in mind the requirements of large VARS who deal with enterprise customers as well as the dynamic VAR business environment.

With VARStreet you can set up right rules for your organization that will reduce time and error in creating complex quotes and orders. It also provides tremendous power in the hand of your end customers to create their own configurations or workflow rules on the eCommerce Store. Your Sales rep and your customers will always have the right data and the tools in their hand to manage their customers efficiently.