5 million+ IT and office supply products

Product catalogs from 40+ distributors aggregated into one VAR catalog!

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Up-to-date VAR catalog

Create accurate quotes always!

Prebuilt catalog

VARStreet’s Instaquote comes with a ready catalog of 5 million+ SKUs from 40+ IT and office supplies distributors.

Auto price updates

Daily price auto updates straight to your product catalog.

Easy quoting

Easily add products to your quotes with up-to-date prices and product information.

Real-time price updates

Check real time price and inventory from multiple distributors while quoting.

Powerful search engine

Various filters to search products based on category, sub-category,keywords, brands, price range, etc.

Custom catalog

Add your own products

Sell anything

Add custom products to your VAR catalog and add them to your quotes.

Sell services

Want to add service charges to your quote? You can do that too!

Create rich content

Upload images, description, tech specs, etc. for your custom catalog.

Get rich content from us

We’ll get you rich content through our partners for your custom catalog too!

Free rich content

Create detailed and winning quotations

Etilize and IceCat

We’ve partnered with Etilize and IceCat to get you rich content for FREE!

Updated product information

Up-to-date detailed product information necessary to compare or research products before quoting.

Universal taxonomy

Structured taxanomy for your VAR catalog.

Give your sales quotations an extra edge with rich content from VARStreet


Multiple product images, thumbnails and large images.

Tech specs

Include detailed technical specifications in your quotes.

Long descriptions

Small and large product descriptions.


Attach manufacturer brochures, user manuals, etc. to your sale quotation.

Upsell information

Show ‘Similar Products’ in your quotes.

Cross-sell information

Include ‘Related Products’ in your quotes.

Contract catalog for GovEd VARs

Selling to Govt. made easy

Create contracts

Add your own contract SKU’s, terms and conditions, contract cost, price, rebates, etc. to your quotes.

High flexibilty

Upload only contract items to the contract catalog. Add products from the aggregated or custom catalog against a contract.

Complex contracts

Decide whether open market items are allowed to sell under a particular contract.

Customizable filters

Filters to exclude non catalog items when quoting or setting up contracts.