Contract Catalog

Our sales quoting & e commerce Platform has an ability to meet the need of GovEd VARs requirement. VARStreet platform has been designed to meet the unique requirements of Govt & Education VARS – both large & Small. VARStreet comes with a Special Contract module that is enabled only for sales quoting & GovEd VARS on request. Our Contract module is designed to meet the requirement of even most complex of contracts.

Whether you sell to State & Local or the Federal Govt; whether you sell to small schools or large universities our solution can help you manage and grow your GovEd business. We work with some of the largest VARs selling to the GovEd with many of them using VARStreet for multiple contracts. Our Experience of working with GovEd VARS on various contracts makes us an obvious choice for most Value Added Resellers working in this industry. We support VARS for hundreds of state and local contracts including some large Federal contracts like DHS FirstSource, Netcents, SEWP, Eagle, ITES-2H & ITES-3H, ECS etc. We also support GSA Schedules and BPA and our product is designed to meet the needs of all of these contracts.

What do you get?

  • Create contracts in VARStreet contract numbers & effective To/From dates
  • Add contract terms & conditions while creating a contract
  • Decide whether open market items are allowed to sell under a particular contract
  • Attach multiple contract documents to a contract for record
  • Upload only Contract items to the contract catalog.
  • Add contract cost, Contract price, rebates, effective from/to dates etc for a contract SKU
  • Contract product can carry its own Cost and Sell price
  • Add contract data elements such as contract line item numbers etc for a contract SKU
  • Export catalogs as per the contract requirements
  • Upload HP Big deal or other special pricing files into the contract
  • Ability to add products from Aggregated/Custom catalog against a contract
  • One Sales Quote per contract i.e. products from multiple contract cannot be added to same quote.
  • Ability of sales quoting software to quote open market items along with contract items for a particular contract
  • Assign contracts to customers from the customer master