VARStreet comes with a built-in configuration module that can help Reseller create configurations rules. These configurations are then available to VAR sales Representatives for quoting and are also available for the end customers to create their own configured SKU on the eCommerce store. There are various features available for VARS to create configuration rules so that the error in creating the correct configuration and its pricing is eliminated. Some of the options available to VARS include


  1. Add Configuration SKU with details like Category, subcategory, Images, Techspecs, descriptions etc.
  2. Add default SKUs available with their pricing for configuration item
  3. You can create a Group or Subgroup and add components to each Group and Subgroup. For e.g. a group can be Storage and Subgroup and be hard drive. Under hard drive you can add various hard drives available for configuration.
  4. Make Subgroups Mandatory or Non Mandatory during configuration
  5. Provide Ability to allow editing of quantity of items during configuration
  6. Provide ability to select multiple items at subgroup level
  7. Add Descriptions, images and other rich content for subgroup.
  8. Select components from Aggregated or custom catalog or both
  9. Add price for each of the components or price can be derived from price rule.
  10. Create dependencies, For e.g. a particular hard drive can be selected only when you select a particular motherboard
  11. Automatic and real time price updates based on items selected in the configuration.