Configure Price Quote

Handle complex quoting needs easily with VARStreet

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Create complex quotes with ease

VARStreet’s cloud CPQ software

Built-in configuration module

A robust configuration engine that allows you to design your own configured SKUs, dependencies and pricing based on various parameters.

Approval workflow

Route transactions like quotes, carts, sales orders and purchase orders to one or more people for their approval.


Bundle multiple SKU’s including configuration SKU’s together while quoting.

Upsell and cross-sell

Quote the best possible combination to your customers.

Online RFQ

“Request for Quote” option also available on your ecommerce store.

Price accurately

VARStreet’s pricing engine

Handles complex needs

Pricing by customer, contact, SKU, category, subcategory, brands, stock at distribution.

Add your own price

Add a mark-up or margin on cost, discount on MSRP or add your own price.

Price right for contracts

We pull contract Fed, State Local, EDH, EDK costs from various distributors to enable accurate contract pricing and margins.

Check pricing history

Maintain a complete price history for each item quoted in the past so that you always have a reference guide.

Always price right

Compare multi-distributor pricing before quoting. Price right and increase your chances of winning.