CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Software

Quoting can get complex as the organization grows, even more in IT. We have seen sales reps struggle very hard to put together a quote that requires large no. of SKU’s with interdependencies on each other. Not having an efficient way to produce such quote, greatly impacts sales representatives’ productivity as well as quote Accuracy.

VARStreet cloud CPQ software is designed to handle most complex of quoting requirements relatively easily.

VARStreet comes with advanced built-in Configuration engine, Approval work flow management; Upsell/Cross sell mechanism as well as a much evolved bundling feature combined with a very elaborate pricing management module that makes our CPQ solution very popular with IT VARS. We have worked with thousands of VARS over a period of 15+ years to create a solution that will make your day-to-day quoting a lot simpler, faster and accurate.


  1. Configuration – A robust configuration engine that allows you to design your own configuration SKU’s, dependencies and pricing based on various parameters. Your Sales Reps are enabled to produce a quote much faster with a much greater level of accuracy. (Learn More…)
  2. Pricing – VARStreet pricing engine can handle complex needs such as Pricing by Customer, Contact, SKU, Category/Subcategory, Brands, Stock at distribution. You can add Mark/Margin on cost, Discount on MSRP or add your own price. We pull contract Fed, State Local, EDH, EDK costs from various distributors to enable accurate contract pricing and margins.
  3. Quoting – With our built-in Quoting application, your sales team will always have information at their fingertips. It enables them to produce most complex of quotes quickly and accurately. (Learn More…)
  4. Catalog & Content– Our catalog and search engine makes adding and finding products very easy. We pull products & Cost from various distributors and pull rich content through multiple sources thereby making your catalog very informative and effective. (Learn More…)
  5. Rules & Approval work flow – Our Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Solutions is equipped with an Approval Workflow engine to minimize human error and catch easy mistakes before Quotes are sent out to potential customers. Quotes that do not meet a certain margin or order value will be stopped before being sent. Quotes that do not meet the supplier criteria may have issues in fulfilment and hence, they can be checked, too. You can set serial or parallel stages in approval process. Multiple rules based on Manufacturer, Payment Method, and so on can be set up. (Learn More…)
  6. Upsell / Cross-Sell – Our CPQ Application Suites provide ability to Upsell wherever there is an opportunity or also give Cross-Sell suggestions to customers whereever needed. Ensures that you add maximum power to your quote.(Learn More…)
  7. Bundling – Bundle multiple SKU’s including configuration SKU’s together. Add/Upload bundles, define pricing based on components or entire bundle. Add Zero dollar SKU’s to bundles. Add upsell / Cross-Sell items to bundles.(Learn More…)
  8. E-Commerce – Quotes can be presented online for your customers to review, and confirm online. It is also available to your customers who want to pick quotes through a Punch-out to take it back into their own procurement system. (Learn More…)
  9. Analytics & Reporting – Real-time and accurate reporting to analyze margins, quote history, item history etc., that provides more power to your Sales Representatives.
    With VARStreet CPQ solution, whether you are an IT or office supplies VAR, whether you sell products or services or both, your sales team will always have more time for what they are supposed to do – Engage with customers.(Learn More…)