Complete CPQ Solutions for IT and Office Supply VARs

A feature-rich CPQ software designed for the VAR industry. Save your time and efforts while creating high quality pricing quotes.

Advanced sales quoting software

Configure-Price-Quote in minutes. A complete ecosystem designed to help you create quotes quickly.

Quote generation

Create accurate, branded quotes using pre-designed templates, with options to hide or reveal discounts and quote lines. Easily quote complex products in just a few clicks.

Guided configuration

Create complex, error-free configurations in no time. A step-by-step configuration wizard to help sales reps choose the right products and services to create a configured product.

Accurate pricing

Real-time access to price and inventory while configuring products and insights into customer behaviour and quote history empowers your sales reps to configure and price tailored quotes that convert. CPQ software takes into consideration quantities, customizations, discounts, etc., while ensuring error-free pricing.

Integrated workflows

Automated workflows and approval chains across verticals does not slow down the sales cycle and decreases your 'respond to quote' time increasing the conversion ratio of your quotes. It is automatically routed to the right authorities for approval thereby reducing the wait time.

Dynamic product catalog

An online product catalog with real time price and inventory.

Distributor connections

VARStreet's CPQ software includes an aggregated catalog from 45+ IT and office supply distributors. You can sync product feeds from any and all the distributors you partner with to VARStreet's CPQ solution. As a result, product information is at your fingertips while you are creating complex quotes for your customers.

Advanced search engine

Our Configure-Price-Quote solution has an advanced search engine to allow sales reps to find products within seconds despite a huge catalog. It comes with parametric search, an intelligent search mechanism to enhance the user experience. Parametric search shortens the time taken to find and add products to quote.

Real time pricing for over 7 million SKUs

Our catalog comprises over 7 million IT and office supply SKUs. Pre-designed configuration rules make it easy for your sales reps to quickly configure products, price right and quote.

Automate customer cycles

Mechanized order management and order fulfillment leaves no room for errors resulting in happier customers.

Advanced order management

Converting a quote to an order is pretty straightforward in VARStreet. One-click conversion of confirmed quotes to sales orders and thereafter to purchase orders eliminates loss of data and errors.

Leverage your CRM and ERP

Our CPQ softwarecomes with strong integration capabilities to sync data between systems and deliver a seamless ecosystem. Our CPQ software integrates with VARStreet's CRM and most popular CRMs and ERP software used by VARs. Benefit by having a completely unified and streamlined approach to serving customers.

Integrated shipping and tax calculation

You can add saved customer shipping addresses and freight charges are auto-calculated based on pre-set rule-based. No need to calculate taxes manually and waste your time. Auto tax calculation further ensure no mistakes are made and the quote integrity is maintained.