Upsell / Cross Sell

Ability to Upsell / Cross Sell is critical for the success of any business. Many times there are possibilities of an add-on sale or you may not have a particular item requested but have other items that works as well and you may want to give options. VARStreet Upsell / Cross Sell functionality is designed to help VARS do more with VARStreet and enable them to provide best possible combination to their customers.


  1. Upsell / Cross Sell options available for both Quotes and Carts
  2. Create and Provide Add-On, Alternate (Cross Sell) or Upsell options in both quoting and eCommerce store
  3. Automatic add-on functionality available where anytime a particular category of product is bought, another SKU gets added automatically. For e.g. every time you add a monitor to the cart, Environment fee gets automatically added.
  4. Questionnaire functionality available in shopping carts where anytime a product is added to the cart a questionnaire with questions or feedback request pops up.
  5. Various other similar functionalities that will help automate a lot of your business processes.