Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Over the years, VARStreet has become a premiere Quoting & E-Commerce platform for VARs, and other channel partners. Naturally, we have used and worked with multiple existing Customer Relationship Management systems, and have uncovered the best features and most important components of a great CRM. Our experience in this field has enabled us to create an optimized CRM Module that helps improve business processes for your sales team, creating a user-friendly and easily adoptable Customer Relationship Management system for businesses of all kinds.

Some of the key areas that we have covered in our CRM include

Lead/Prospect Management

Lead is the starting point of any Sales Cycle. You will have to qualify this in your sales pipeline before this can be treated as an opportunity.
Most of the CRM adoption fails because current CRM system make sales people enter a lot of information in the beginning. VARStreet CRM module has been designed to ensure that a lead capture process is quick and easy

  • You can either add a lead one by one or do a bulk upload.
  • Unlimited User defined fields.
  • Create a quick quote against a lead. Quick quote just requires an email address in order to create a quote.

Opportunity Management

As we keep moving sales inside the sales funnel, at some point it will become an opportunity which can eventually convert into a Closed Sale.
However handling an opportunity is much more complex than lead handling. Quantity and quality of opportunities will define your Sales Forecast. Also an opportunity can be there for years and hence it is critical that Sales people are able to enter and extract information as and when needed with minimum efforts and time spent. VARStreet ensures that Sales people spend more time selling then actually entering data.

  • Create a New Opportunity, Edit Existing opportunity
  • Convert a lead into an opportunity quickly
  • Add your own custom fields to the opportunity capture form
  • Create quote for an opportunity
  • Link multiple quotes to an opportunity.


It’s vitally important for any company to put a precise sales process in place. But a sales rep must conduct various tasks and activities to bring a prospect through a particular stage, and into the next one. An activity can be a call, email, physical meeting, demo, a follow up or just about anything that needs to be done for lead or an opportunity.
It is extremely critical for an organization that sales people are able to prioritize, complete and track their activities. With VARStreet your sales people will always be on top of their activities so that they exactly know what need to be accomplished in a particular day and if there are any activities that they have missed out on that they need to be reminded about.


A good CRM system is as good as the data you have entered into it. Some opportunities get closed in days and then there are others which may take years. It is humanly impossible for anyone to keep track of what is going on with each opportunity more so when an old person leaves and a new person comes in. Unless an organization ensures that correct notes are entered for each opportunity a Sales person is working on, a lot will be lost when that persons leaves the company. However it is lot easier said than done. Sales people are trying really hard to close a deal which matters the most to them. Hence VARStreet notes interface provides very easy to enter and easy retrieval experience.


Reporting is a big part of any CRM System. VARStreet provides some built in report as well as is continuously adding new reports so that everyone in the sales cycle has all the information they will need at their finger tip. Detailed Reports based on leads, opportunity and sales can be generated seamlessly from within the VARStreet CRM module. These reports can also be exported in excel format for future analysis or organizational planning.
If you do not find any report, please let VARStreet know and we will try to work on providing a new report to meet your needs.


VARStreet CRM Dashboard gives you single screen view of most of the major activities happening in your CRM System. You get to see your recent activities, recent opportunities, Sales Pipeline by date, opportunity against sales details etc.

Customers (Account)/Contacts

Managing customers/Contacts in any system is cumbersome. VARStreet makes it very easy for you to enter Customers/Contacts in the system. You can always add them one by one or do a bulk upload if you have multiple customers/contacts to enter. When you work on a lead, it remains as a lead but once you have worked on an opportunity and closed a sale, it automatically creates a new customer/contact record. That way you have your prospects/Leads separate and your customers separate, making it very easy for you to retrieve data and take decisions.

CRM Screens Gallery