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The best application for value added resellers of eReplacements
and 45+ distributors to manage their everyday business

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We provide a complete eReplacements product catalog integration.

eReplacements offers a green and economical choice of batteries, lamps, toner cartridges, speakers and headphones. VARStreet integrates with eReplacements and provides you with eReplacements catalog for selling its products.

Headquartered in Texas, eReplacements offers refurbished parts and recycling solutions for products in the consumer electronics and imaging industry. Their solutions are designed to help resellers enhance the value of their IT products. eReplacements sells refurbished cell phones and tablets of top brands like Samsung and Apple.

6000+ SKUs

6000+ SKUs from eReplacements fully mapped into VARStreet along with rich content.

Standard Categorization

Standard categorization of all products for easy search and better buying experience

Daily Updates

Daily updates for price and inventory - easy one-click purchase order placement

No plugins required

No plugins required – start your powerful eCommerce platform in less than 1 week with VARStreet.

Sales Quoting and eCommerce Software for eReplacements VARs 2

Equip your VARs business for modern age selling.

Sales Quoting and eCommerce Software for eReplacements VARs 3

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Aggregated catalog

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    Aggregated catalog from 45+ distributors with real
    time price updates.

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    Critical information like price and inventory from
    multiple distributors in one location.

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    Free rich content from Etilize, IceCat and other
    sources with VARStreet.


Sales Quoting

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    Your eReplacements catalog is synced to your VARStreet
    software tool.

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    Create complex quotes easily with our sales quotation

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    Easy to use quote builder with customizable functionalities.


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    Sell products from your eReplacements catalog easily using
    our modern eCommerce solution.

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    Get updates from all the distributors you partner
    with on your eCommerce store.

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    Modern eCommerce templates help you design your store
    in no time.



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    Real time price and inventory information from multiple
    distributors lets you source from the distributor giving
    you the least price.

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    Sourcing right increases your margins and profits.

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    Confirmed quotes or carts can be converted to POs in a few
    clicks eliminating redundancies and errors.

Start Dropshipping with VARStreet Today

We provide you with the complete eReplacement dropship inventory.
Your VARStreet eCommerce store will be synced with the eReplacement
catalog and you can start selling eReplacement solutions easily. No
investment required for inventory or packaging. VARStreet has made
dropshipping IT products convenient as never before.

Dropshipping makes it easy to set up and run your eCommerce business as most of the tasks are done by your supplier. You don't have to rent a warehouse for inventory management or worry about shipping. This helps you to save lots of money while you focus on growing your business.


A one-stop software to manage
for all your business processes

Unparalleled support and
exceptional service

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    Take the first step - we will guide you through it all.

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    Constant support

    Our experienced support team is always available! We
    help you from your first online sale and beyond.

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    Professional services

    A range of professional services to help you with customized
    solutions for your business.

Sales Quoting and eCommerce Software for Ereplacements VARs 14