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VARstreet is the best application for Waxie VARs. We also connect with 50 more IT and office supplies distributors.

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We provide a complete Waxie product catalog integration.

Waxie is a one-stop shop for all your sanitary maintenance needs. It is a reliable source of high-quality sanitary products, janitor supplies, and equipment. Established in 1945, Waxie Sanitary Supply has grown into an international brand with more than 800 employees.

Waxie has distribution centers all over the United States that handle inventory management as well as order fulfillment, helping their reseller partners minimize operating costs. It has a highly knowledgeable staff and stellar customer service representatives who also provide procedural training.

Entire Waxie Catalog

Get the Waxie catalog with FREE rich content fully mapped into VARStreet.

Accurate price and inventory

Get accurate price and inventory updates through our Waxie integration.

Universal Taxonomy

Standard and universal taxonomy for an enhanced search and buying experience

Sell online

Start an online store easily and sell products from your Waxie catalog.

Sales Quoting and eCommerce Software for Synnex VARs 2

Equip your VARs business for modern-age selling..

Aggregated catalog

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    Aggregated catalog containing information from 50+ distributors.

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    Easy access to price, inventory, and promo information while pricing your products.

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    The catalog is available on our quoting, eCommerce, and CRM applications as well.


Sales Quoting

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    Your Waxie catalog will be synced to our sales quoting software, InstaQuote.

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    Search and add products from your Waxie catalog, with accurate prices and rich content to quotes.

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    Our quote builder is easy to use and very intuitive with customizable functionalities.


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    Sell products from your Waxie catalog easily using our modern eCommerce solution.

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    Your online catalog is synced with Waxie so any changes in the distributor catalog reflect on your store.

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    Set margin rules for product prices on your online store depending on changes in distributor pricing.



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    Price and inventory information from multiple distributors including Waxie at the time of sourcing is invaluable and lets you buy at the best possible price.

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    All critical information like price, discounts offered, promos, availability, etc from multiple distributors can be viewed on your screen.

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    Easily compare your overall cost from multiple distributors before sourcing.

Start Dropshipping with VARStreet Today

Dropshipping with VARStreet is the easiest way to get started in the eCommerce space. You can easily dropship products from the Waxie catalog. Your whole catalog will be imported into your VARStreet eCommerce store and updated automatically with pre-approved prices and terms. Along with the catalog, you also get rich content for free. Employ the right marketing tactics to promote your online and you can launch your dropshipping business within a few days.

The dropshipping business model has been gaining popularity in recent years as it carries minimum risk and investment. You can run your eCommerce website without having to buy inventory upfront or package and ship products. Once the customer places the order on your store, just email the order details to your supplier who will handle the order fulfillment process efficiently.


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Unparalleled support and exceptional service

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    Take the first step - we will guide you through it all.

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    Constant support

    Our experienced support team is always available! We help you from your first online sale and beyond.

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    Professional services

    A range of professional services to help you with customized solutions for your business.

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