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40+ IT and office supplies distributors

VARStreet has XML integrations with over 40+ distributors in the United States and Canada. Get a direct product feed from distributors of your choosing uploaded automatically on your VARStreet ecommerce store.

All you need is an account with the distributor. Start selling IT and office supplies online today!

5 million+ SKUs

Over 5 million+ IT and office supplies SKUs from 40+ distributors. Choose what you want to sell on your ecommerce store. Our ecommerce platform supports a catalog ranging in millions.

There is no additional cost to scale. You pay a flat rate whether you sell 100 products or thousands.

Seamless Order Management

VARStreet's seamless integration between our ecommerce platform, CRM software and distributor networks gives you an error-free and efficient order management system. You can view real time prices and deals from multiple distributors in a single-window before placing a PO.

Choose the distributor offering the best price. Single-click conversions of orders on your ecommerce store to POs for your distributors. VARStreet let's you set rules and automate this process if you like.

Real time price and inventory

VARStreet gives you real time price and inventory updates. This is crucial to price and source right especially when IT and IT accessories have a fluctuating price due to frequent technology changes.

VARStreet gives you a one-window view of prices for the same product from multiple distributors. This information is the cutting edge you need for your dropship business.

Rich content for FREE

An ecommerce site without quality content will not sell. Top ecommerce websites spend thousands of dollars on rich content like product images, long and short descriptions, tech specs, etc. You get that FREE with VARStreet! We have partnered with top rich content providers like Etilize and IceCat.

Get a structured universal taxonomy through Etilize categorization. All this is automatically pulled to your VARStreet ecommerce store. Saving you time and money.

Start selling on VARStreet's ecommerce platform within a week

A best-in-class ecommerce platform

Pre-designed modern fully customizable templates. A ready product catalog. Seamless integrations with distributors. Easy to implement. No technical knowledge required.

No additional costs to scale. Constant support. All this and a lot more at an affordable price.

Start a dropship ecommerce business with VARStreet today

1. Get an account with a distributor

We have distributor integrations with 40+ IT and office supplies distributors in the United States and Canada. If you are already a partner with any of them, fill in your reseller account number in your VARStreet application and your product catalog will automatically be pulled into your VARStreet ecommerce store.

If you are not a reseller, fill in the application form on distributor websites to become one. The rest is the same, put in your account number and start selling on VARStreet.

2. Design your ecommerce store

Easily design your ecommerce store with our pre-designed templates and prebuilt widgets. You can custom brand your store too. With VARStreet you can even customize your store based on customer logins.

This is an essential feature for B2B resellers. Your product catalog with rich content is automatically pulled to your VARStreet store.

Your ecommerce store is ready with high-quality images, product descriptions, tech-specs etc. A truly hassle-free set up. We can take this process off your hands. Let us know and our team will design your store and get you ecommerce ready!

3. Market your store and start selling!

Inform your current customers about your ecommerce store. Market your store to aquire new customers. Our stores are SEO enabled to help your Google search rankings. Market your products on Amazon, Google shopping, eBay, Facebook and Insta stores and more, through our catalog export feature and give your customers an omnichannel experience.

Integrate with email marketing tools like MailChimp and Litmus to market your products and your ecommerce store.

4. Automate Order Processing

Our tight back-end integrations allows seamless order processing once sales start coming in on your store. Confirmed shopping carts will automatically create a PO for your distributors.

Send the PO to the distributor of your choice by referring to our aggregated catalog for the best price. You can automate this process too. Set rules and a PO will be automatically sent to the distributor of your choice.

We're with you from your first sale and we'll help you grow

Constant Support

We'll help you start and be with you while you scale, and after! Our experienced support team is available to you at all times.

Easy to implement

Designing an ecommerce store cannot get easier! Our templates are user-friendly and you'll get started within a week.

Security, hosting and uptime

We constantly run security audits on our platform. We're cloud-hosted and setting up is quick and easy.

Free Updates

Do not pay for updates or plugins! Get all updates for FREE!


With VARStreet you can have PunchOut catalog ready stores within days. Just give us your requirement and consider it done!


VARStreet’s inbuilt reporting engine gives you complete visibility of your ecommerce store.


Start a lucrative dropship business using VARStreet. We come integrated with 40+ distributors. You do not have to look elsewhere!

Professional Services

If you do not have technical knowledge, time or inclination to design your store, don't worry. Let us know and our team will set up your store for you and get you ecommerce ready in the blink of an eye!