Advanced ecommerce analytics

Real time reports and insights to make smarter business decisions.

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Abandoned cart handling

Get detailed insights on abandoned shopping carts.

Tweak your marketing campaigns and product prices, re-target customers, offer discounts, etc based on these reports.

Make accurate and informed decisions and corrective actions if needed.

Google Analytics integration

Add Google Analytics to your ecommerce store and get a complete analysis of the traffic, conversions, cart abandonment, popular pages, and a lot more.

Get important information like the search terms used to find you, number of visitors, the demographics etc.

Track your stores progress as you scale.

Back office reports

Sales summary of all orders flowing through VARStreet.

Transaction reports of top selling brands, categories, subcategories etc.

Sales summary by category, distributor and manufacturer.

Detailed reports of your customers journey on your ecommerce store, from the landing page to checkout or cart abandonment.


Generate reports, print or export to any format including Excel CSV, HTML and PDF. Get graphical representation of reports for better understanding.


Create highly effective reports as per your requirement. Decide which data to report on, define the filtering criteria and even specify report output.