Sell products outside our distribution network?

No problem. We've got you covered.

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Add products and manage inventory

Upload your custom catalog to your VARStreet ecommerce store. Add your own products, write or upload product descriptions, tech specs, marketing collateral, etc.

We do not limit you! We help you sell more!

Sell services

Sell services by themselves or with a product as a value-addition. For example, installation as a service with IT hardware or training with a software product like PoS software.

Add services to your ecommerce store and build an all-purpose ecommerce store.

Organize your catalog

Organise your custom product catalog according to categories, sub-categories and brands.

The process is extremely simple and you get a structured ecommerce store with universal taxonomy.

A lot more features and flexibility than regular ecommerce platforms.

Bulk upload

A massive custom catalog? No problem. Upload products in bulk in .xls or .csv easily. Like we said, we help you sell more, hassle-free!


Customers can configure products on your ecommerce store. Especially useful for an IT reseller!


Create and sell bundles on your ecommerce store. A marketing strategy that always works!