A ready catalog from 40+ IT and office supplies distributors

VARStreet makes starting an online store easy

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Over a million products!

A HUMONGOUS product catalog with over 5 million SKUs from multiple distributors like Ingram Micro, TechData, SYNNEX, and many more!

The catalog is automatically imported to your ecommerce store based on the distributor accounts you have.

Pick and choose what you want to sell with a simple click.

Structured taxonomy

A clean product catalog with structured and universally accepted taxanomy.

The products are automatically imported into the right categories and sub-categories on your ecommerce store, no manual organizing required.

Your customers too can easily find what they're looking for!

Daily price and inventory updates

Automatic update of price and availability on your ecommerce store.

Your ecommerce store will always be in sync with street pricing!

Pre-organized catalog

The catalog is pre-organised with small and large product description, multiple product images, thumbnails and large images, detailed technical specifications, etc.

You get the Pandora's Box with VARStreet!

FREE rich content

Rich content from Etilize, IceCat and distributors at no extra cost!

Get a high-quality ecommerce store with ready product descriptions, tech specs, images, etc.

You can also add your own content, pictures, descriptions, etc.

Seamless order processing

Our integrations with distributors make processing the orders you get on your ecommerce store seamless and error-free.

The aggregated catalog is of immense help as you gain insight into prices from multiple distributors and can choose whom to procure from.

Get the aggregated catalog into your VARStreet ecommerce store

1. Set up a distributor account

It is a simple process, and information is easily available. Check our distributor connections for more information.

2. Enter the account information in VARStreet

Enter the account number into your VARStreet store. You can have connections with one or multiple distributors. You will need to fill in all account numbers to get the product feed on VARStreet.

3. Your catalog is ready!

The product feed based on your distributor accounts will get imported to your ecommerce store. The products will be mapped into their respective categories and sub-categories without any intervention from you.

You will also get product images, description and all other rich content. In short, a ready ecommerce store!

Request new distributor addition

That is not all! We can even add new distributors outside our distributor network. Provide us with the product feed of any distributor, and we will add it to our aggregated catalog for you.