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FREE rich content

Get rich content worth thousands of dollars FREE with your VARStreet subscription.

Our partnerships with Etilize and IceCat, and our distributor integrations provide you with rich content like images, description, tech specs and a lot more for no extra cost!

Universal taxonomy

A structured and universally accepted taxonomy for all the products on your ecommerce store.

Products will be automatically imported into the right categories and sub-categories on your ecommerce store making it easy for customers to find what they're looking for!

Pre-mapped to distributor catalog

Any updates from the distributor are automatically reflected in your catalog.

Your ecommerce store will always be in sync with any updates from the distributors

Low maintenance and hassle-free selling!.

Map to your own custom catalog

You can also map your own custom catalog, and the rich content for those products will be imported if available through Etilize or IceCat.

You can also add your own unique content, images, videos or product description.

What exactly is rich content?


Multiple product images, thumbnails and large images.

Tech specs

Detailed technical specifications.

Long descriptions

Small and large product descriptions.


Manufacturer brochures, user manuals, marketing video etc.

Upsell information

Show 'Similar Products' to buyers on your ecommerce store.

Cross-sell information

Show 'Related Products' to buyers on your ecommerce store.

Add your own content

You are not restricted or limited to use content from us. We give you the flexibility to add your own content too. You can add your own unique product images, videos, write quirky descriptions if you want, anything at all really!