Professional ecommerce services

While our ecommerce solution has everything you may need, we offer extra services for those with unique requirements.

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Special customization

We realise that each reseller business is different in nature, having distinct and specific business needs.

If you require certain features, enhancements or modifications custom made just for your business, our highly qualified engineers and project managers will understand your needs and customize a solution for you.

Bid support

Exceptional support for GovEd resellers.

A dedicated VARStreet bid support team member to work closely with you.

We go beyond the basics – every component of our 'Bid Support Package' is designed to help you deliver a 'contract winning' response.

We have experts who will handle all aspects of your online business

Catalog services

If you sell products outside our aggregated catalog and do not have rich content for them, we'll procure it for you.

Design service

Need further customization on the design, look and feel of your store? We've got it! Our design team will customize the store for you.

Marketing services

Our marketing team will take on the mantle for you. We will handle your Google Adword campaigns, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

SEO services

Don’t have SEO experts to optimize your ecommerce store? Our SEO team will ensure your website receives the SEO attention it deserves.

Premium support

A designated support professional, your single point of contact, with unlimited off-line, online and e-mail support. Prioritized response every time you call.


VARStreet's ecommerce solution has all the necessary features to support BYOD procurement.