Do not worry about shipment and taxation.

You do what you know best. Let VARStreet do the rest.

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Automated tax calculation

Tax gets calculated automatically based on the values you set.

VARStreet's ecommerce platform supports different geographies and currencies so your global busines can run smoothly.

Automated freight calculation

Automate freight calculation based on product weight, prices, delivery address, etc.

VARStreet integrates with all major shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL etc.

Rule based tax and freight

Set rules based on real-time information to override automation.

This lets you take advantage of free shipping offers by distributors or other freight offers and deals.

Tax integrations and shipping solutions for your ecommerce store

Automated order processing

One-click conversion of orders on your store to purchase orders for distributors.

Serial and tracking number

Tracking information sent to you and your customers by the distributors.

Avalara integration

If you currently use Avalara for your tax calculations, we can get that integration to your VARStreet ecommerce store.