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Electrified Discounters Inc. is the largest seller of compatible TV & projector lamps in the world. We supply a broad selection of TV lamps from various brands including Mitsubishi, Sony, Panasonic, Epson and other top-notch brands. We also provide projector lamps, so you can replace the lamps in your projector with our high-quality lamps, available in a range of styles and competitive prices. Moreover the distributor has replacement lamps for most projectors and also has stock replacement bulbs for when you need them.Electrified Discounters has been in the TV and Projector Lamp industry since 1983, so you can rely on us for expertise and quality. We focus on satisfying our customers with our great selection of parts, discounted prices, an outstanding customer service team and a knowledgeable technical department. We even offer a 30 Day Money Back or Exchange Guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

VARStreet and Electrified Discounters

VARStreet has now added Electrified Discounters as a supported distributor into its aggregated catalog. With this integration, resellers of Electrified Discounters who have an account with VARStreet will now be able to leverage VARStreet’s ecommerce and sales quoting platform. They will also get product pricing and inventory updates daily, which will allow them to quote products at the right price.