Enhancements, Professional Services

VARStreet was built specifically for IT VARs, and we truly understand that VARs have a unique and complex set of business rules. When your business customization and integration needs extend beyond our out-of-the-box solutions, we are here to help.

We realise that each VAR business is different in nature, having distinct and specific business needs. VARStreet software has undergone continual upgrades since last 13 years to ensure that our feature rich product can offer everything that a reseller may always need for his business. However, if you still feel that you require certain features, enhancements or modifications custom made just for your business, then we have highly qualified engineers and project managers who can understand your needs and provide you what you need in a reasonable timeframe. With VARStreet you can get cloud based hosted solution tailor made to accommodate your exact business needs and that too with the benefits of low start up cost, scalability and quick up time.

Special Customization

Since we are intimately aware of the internal workings of our software, we can offer more in the way of customization when the need arises than any other existing software. We will work very closely with you to meet your specific needs. Customized GUIs and templates are just a few samples of how to maximize the automation of key business processes and allow proper coupling between your various internal systems.

Integration Projects

Either during the pre-purchase process or when your business needs have changed, we will begin by carefully discovering and understanding your business needs. Our software experts have a thorough knowledge of VARStreet solutions as well as your internal business systems to ensure a seamless integration between your current systems and your VARStreet technology. We have a broad and deep knowledge of specific issues in the IT VAR industry, so we can help you make sure your business systems deliver the benefits you need.

Contact VARStreet Sales today to learn more about this. Based on your specifications, the sales rep will work together with a qualified engineer and project manager from our team and come up with a full project plan for you.