Frequently Asked Questions

Onboarding / Implementation / Training & Support related

How long does it take to implement once I have bought your product?

Depending on what you have bought we may take anywhere between 4 – 10 business days to get this fully implemented. Please note that if there are add-ons like Integrations, Modifications or enhancements then it may take longer. Please contact your sales representative to get the exact plan for implementation in such cases.

Do you provide Training? How is it conducted – onsite or offsite

Yes. We do provide training for all of our customers. Training is conducted via webinar from our office. These are one on one, tailored to your needs kind of training and not a general webinar. In case you need an onsite training then please contact your Sales Representative and he will be able to provide your more information.

How about customer support? How do you provide that?

Our Customer support is among the best in our industry. We provide direct support, which means you will have a direct phone line to call to. We provide support via Email & Phone both. Our support hours are between 7AM EST to 6PM EST. You can call our customer support at 781-262-0610 (Extn 2) or email support at [email protected]

Do you provide any Training Materials or help manuals so that I can learn on my own when i have time?

Yes. You will have access to VARStreet help documentation once you have logged in to your VARStreet BackOffice. This will have Help documentation, training videos etc. We have an in-house team that continuously updates these so that you have access to the most recent help documentation. We also have help documentation available on the ecommerce store for your customers.

What is the implementation & Onboarding process?

Please click here to go through our implementation process. This will provide you a step by step guide to our Onboarding & Implementation process.

What information you require from us to setup our VARStreet account?

VARStreet application has been built so as to ensure that there is a minimal effort required at your end to get up and running. However we do need you to provide certain information like which distributors you have account with & FTP credentials with those distributors. Please click here for a list of distributors that VARStreet has connection with. You will also have to provide us with your payment gateway account credentials for accepting credit card payments on the store. Please click here to for a list of payment gateways that VARStreet supports. We will also need the domain you want to use for the store. You will have to buy SSL for the domain that you want to use. Please click here to learn more about custom domain set up. We also need to set up your price list, catalog etc, however the rest of the set up can be done during the one on one training that we provide as a part of our implementation & Onboarding process.

Getting Started / Contract / Payments Related

I am ready to get started with VARStreet, how do i move forward? Do you sell online?

Thank you for deciding to purchase VARStreet. We are soon planning to accept orders online but do not have it yet. Please fill out the contact us form on our website and one our Sales Consultant will get back to you with the information and the necessary paper work.

Is there a termed agreement with VARStreet?

VARStreet is sold as a one-year auto renewing subscription. However we do understand that certain customers might not be comfortable to commit for 1 year initially. Hence you can speak with your Sales Representative at VARStreet when purchasing and he will be able to help you provide a lock in period that is comfortable to you.

Q: How do I pay for using VARStreet?

A: VARStreet is a fully hosted subscription based solution and customers can pay Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Yearly. Payment can be done by credit cards. VARStreet also accept check payments in case of Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly Payments.

Q: I’m in the process of ordering VARStreet but I have a question about the product, who should I contact?

A: For questions about ordering VARStreet, please email [email protected] or Call VARStreet Inc at 781-262-0610 Ext 1. The well trained VARStreet Sales Representative will help answer all your questions and can also set up a one on one product demonstration at a time convenient to you.

Q: Is VARStreet available in Canada?

A: YES. Please email [email protected] or Call VARStreet Inc at 781-262-0610 Ext 1 to learn more or schedule a demo.

Q: Is VARStreet available in any other International Locations?

A: No. VARStreet is currently available only to customers in the United States and Canada however we are planning to launch VARStreet in few other countries / regions in the third quarter of 2013. Please Contact Us to learn more and register your information so that we can get in touch with you when we are ready.

Do you provide Free Trials?

VARStreet DOES NOT provide free trials. Please know that VARStreet application integrates with multiple 3rd party companies to get you everything you need in one single application for e.g. distributor price files, rich content, shipping information, tax data, payment gateways for credit card processing, etc and hence it gets extremely difficult and resource intensive to get all of these for a for a free trial account. However if you are not sure and want to try VARStreet on your own before taking a purchasing decision then please contact our sales Representative who can provide you with a limited period login access to a demo account. This will be a full demo account on our production server and will provide you everything you need to see before purchasing.

Product related questions

Which Web browsers does VARStreet support?

VARStreet has been designed, tested and optimized to leverage the functionality available in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

What are the ready integrations available with VARStreet?

A: VARStreet has very tight integration with QuickBooks, Autotask,, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, PeopleSoft, SAP Business One, BAAN, etc. VARStreet is also writing integration with some other known ERP, CRM and Accounting applications. Please call VARStreet sales at 781-262-0610 Ext 1 to learn more.

Can I see pricing and availability data from all distributors connected to VARStreet, or just those I have a relationship with?

A: You can see product pricing and availability only from those distributors with whom you already have a formal business agreement. Your current distributor login credentials are required to access this information. In case you need to create an account with a new distributor then you can either contact the distributor directly or have one of our Sales Rep guide you to the right contact at the distributor company.

Can I add and quote my own products and services through VARStreet?

Yes! VARStreet allows you to add, modify and update your own products, services and product-service bundles at any time, and makes them available in your quotes, through your optional online store and throughout VARStreet. Please click here to learn more.

What e-commerce clearing houses or checkout partners does VARStreet use?

Please click here to see a full list of payment gateways integrated in VARStreet.

Can you provide Rich content even for our own products that we add to the custom catalog?

Yes. VARStreet can provide you rich content even for the custom catalog items as long as you use the right manufacturer part no. However please know that availability or rich content will completely depend on what we get from Etilize.

I work with a distributor that you do not support. How can I add them in VARStreet?

The immediate and easiest way would be to add those products in the custom catalog. However if you want to add the distributor to VARStreet aggregated catalog then please contact VARStreet Sales who can provide you all the necessary information. Please click here to learn more.

Branding / SEO/ Marketing / Catalog export Related

Can I use my own domain for the store URL? I have my own domain and I don’t want to change it.

Yes. Please click here to learn more about our custom domain solution.

I do not have HTML or design expertise? How can you help me design my store?

VARStreet provides a basic store design and implementation support as a part of the customer onboarding process. Also VARStreet store has multiple precanned templates that you can take advantage of. Our design team is constantly working to create new templates so that no two stores look the same. However if you are still not happy then we will be happy to assist you to design your own look and feel. We have HTML professionals on staff who can help you do that. Please click here to learn more about our Market Smart Programme.

Can I do SEO for my VARStreet Store?

Yes. VARStreet provides custom pages on the store that can be enabled for Search engine optimization. However that is sold as add-on. Please click here to learn more about our SEO enablement add-on. Please know that we just enable you for SEO however we DO NOT optimize your store for higher rankings & ratings. You will have to either do it yourself if you have expertise or hire a SEO consultant if you do not have an in-house expertise.

What are the various ways within the platform for me to Market my site?

VARStreet provides various functionalities as a part of the application and add-ons for you to market your website.

SEO – VARStreet provides custom pages on the store that are SEO enabled and you will be able to do the Search Engine optimization for targeted keywords.

Catalog export to Shopping engines – VARStreet allows you to export a subset of your catalog to shopping engines & market places like Google, Amazon etc so that your products are searchable on such sites. Please contact your sales rep to learn more about SEO or catalog export.

Email Campaigns & Questionnaires – VARStreet application also has integrated marketing module that allows you to create a mailing list of all the contacts (or a subset of all the contacts) you have in VARStreet and helps you run targeted email campaigns at regular intervals.

Infrastructure related

Is VARStreet sold only as a cloud version or do you also have a desktop version?

VARStreet is essentially sold as a cloud based application only. We have been on cloud ever since we got started in 1999. Our cloud infrastructure is amongst the best in the industry and we have taken care of all the essentials like Uptime, Back Up, Data Security, Disaster plan, Bandwidth, super fast speed etc.

Our customers are giving financial information on the store so what do you do for the security?

VARStreet back-office and ecommerce applications are completely secured. We have implemented 256-bit encryption certificate at the entry point which ensures that all the transactions within the portal are completely secured. VARStreet has also received the PCI compliance certification. It means the credit card transactions on VARStreet hosted eCommerce site are completely secured.

Where are VARStreet servers located?

VARStreet is hosted with Savvis in Santa Clara, California.

Can you tell me more about your Hosting infrastructure, security, uptime, back up & disaster recovery plan?

VARStreet is one of the early adapters of SaaS model in 1999 and has been successfully supporting several hundred clients in US over the past 13 years with consistent reliability in service and uptime. Please click here to learn more. Please feel free to contact VARStreet sales in case you have any questions regarding the same.

Is VARStreet PCI Compliant?


Can you tell me more about the concept – Customized SaaS Application?

VARStreet is a cloud based application. However we completely understand that each Reseller is different and have needs unique to them. Our platform is built on the collective wisdom of thousands of resellers that we have worked with in the past and there are all the probability that it will have everything that you might need as a reseller. However VARStreet can provide you enhancements, customizations or modifications to meet your specific business needs as well. VARStreet has a large team of engineers in-house who can help turn around such requests quickly so that you get best of both worlds – The quick uptime, scalability & Low implementation cost that you get in a hosted solution which can be highly customized to meet your specific business needs.

I am a Govt reseller; can you tell me more about your Govt Prebid Package

VARStreet has extensive experience of working with Govt VARS. We are now seeing more and more RFP’s has eCommerce as a mandatory requirement. Under this programme VARStreet works with you to understand the eCommerce part of the RFP and helps you draft a response along with screenshots and any other necessary documents like flowcharts, diagrams etc. We can also provide a demonstration of VARStreet capabilities to the Govt on your behalf if needed. We also provide and host an eCommerce store for you at a fraction of the cost. Once the contract is awarded, you can do a full implementation of VARStreet at regular billing or cancel based on the award status. Please click here to learn more about the programme.