VARStreet for DHS Firstsource III Government Contract Bids

eCommerce, quoting and proposal, CRM and procurement solution in line with DHS FIrstSource III requirements

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DHS FirstSource 3 Government Contractors

About DHS Firstsource III Government Contract

Department of Homeland Security has launched indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contracts through the FirstSource III vehicle, which will cover procurement of different IT hardwares and services from small and medium sized VARs (Value-Added Resellers).

VARStreet's software solutions comprise an integrated contract product catalog, sales quoting software, CRM, and an eCommerce platform to meet requirements as mentioned in the DHS FirstSource III guidelines.

DHS FirstSource III
documents for DHS FirstSource II

Download the latest update and documents for DHS FirstSource III government contract requirements

Features offered by VARStreet to meet DHS FirstSource requirements

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    Software Solutions

    VARStreet will provide GovEd VARs with an eCommerce store, PunchOut, CRM, quotation software, and additional relevant features to meet DHS FirstSource requirements.

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    Technical Support

    We go through the DHS FirstSource RFP to understand the requirements we set up your VARStreet subscription to meet the contract requirements as laid out in the RFP.

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    Post-Bid Support

    You can keep your VARStreet subscription intact for evaluation at a very nominal cost till the award is made so that you do not have to worry about the subscription cost when you are not making money.

Bid Support Program

As part of our Bid Support Program, we closely work with you as your eCommerce and PunchOut compliance partner. We support you at all stages of the bidding process and help you fulfill contract requirements related to your online catalog, eCommerce, PunchOut, and more without spending a lot of money and effort.

VARStreet Software for DHS Firstsource III Bidders

VARStreet has worked with previous DHS FirstSource awardees under DHS FirstSource I and II and supported previous contract holders to meet the requirements of the contract and become more efficient in contract execution and management.

DHS FirstSource III Catalog Setup
DHS FirstSource III Catalog Setup

VARStreet will help DHS FirstSource III contract bidders set up an eCommerce store which will also have their entire FirstSource III contract catalog which can be regularly updated as new products are updated from the distribution.

Online Store for DHS FirstSource Contract
Online Store for DHS FirstSource Contract

Fully customizable eCommerce stores with the ability to design custom aesthetics for each contract within the same site.

Quoting tool for Contract holders
Advanced Quoting Software

Professional sales quoting software for government contract holders with automated approval workflows, technical refresh, export of the quotations in appropriate format for loading to the DHS Marketplace, etc.

CRM software for Government awardees
CRM software for Government Awardees

FREE CRM software with tight integration with the quoting and eCommerce tools to give you a unified view of all your transactions and customer data.

Procurement tool for DHS FirstSource III
Procurement Automation for DHS FirstSource III

Online sourcing and procurement software with ready PunchOut integrations with all widely used eProcurement applications like Ariba, PeopleSoft, JAGGAER, SAP, Oracle, and many more.

Reports for DHS FirstSource Contract
Reports for DHS FirstSource

Daily updates and time-specific transactional reports to manage your business better

DHS FirstSource III Contractors

End-to-End Support for DHS FirstSource III Bidders

VARStreet's continuous endeavor is to improve the bidding experience for DHS FirstSource and other federal, state, and local government contract bidders by becoming a technical arm for VARs to meet all RFP requirements.

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    24 x 5 customer support available on call and on email.

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    A team of highly skilled engineers to guide and support you.

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    Exclusive product demo and onboarding videos for better platform understanding.

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    Custom and standard pricing options are available to meet both pre and post contract award.

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    We will host contract-holders' existing, commercially published, and branded catalog that can be updated regularly, and the link can be submitted to the government as required under the RFP.