VARStreet for USGS CHS Federal Contract Awards

Cloud-hosted software solutions that meet USGS CHS government contract requirements

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About USGS CHS Federal Contract

Cloud Hosting Solutions (CHS) provides a cloud-based enterprise environment that supports hosted applications and a collection of managed services to advance the mission of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

By leveraging cloud technologies and developing an ecosystem of cloud-based services and tools, CHS is enabling the USGS to operate as a 21st-century organization.

VARStreet's software solution understands the USGS CHS compliance requirements and has PunchOut-ready stores with integrated USGS CHS contract catalogs and connections with 50+ IT and office supply distributors.

We also have a bid support package to help VARs win USGS CHS contracts.

Download the latest update and documents for USGS CHS Federal Government Contract

VARStreet Solutions for USGS CHS US Government Contracts

USGS CHS Federal Contract Catalog

VARStreet integrates with 50+ IT and office supply distributor catalogs giving you access to USGS CHS contract items and pricing.

USGS CHS Compliant Online Store

B2B eCommerce store with a ready USGS CHS contract catalog for hassle-free selling to government agencies.

Quoting Application for USGS CHS Awardees

Advanced sales quoting software with enterprise features and approval workflows for swift creation of sales quotes.

CRM Software for Government Awardees

Manage opportunities and government agency customers efficiently and get a 360-degree view of all your business processes.

Sourcing and Procurement for USGS CHS Contracts

PunchOut-ready stores with in-built approval workflows build efficiencies in procurement.

USGS CHS Contract-Specific Reporting

Smart analytics and reporting for your government contract related business on your VARStreet dashboard.

Ongoing Support for USGS CHS

VARStreet has worked with countless government VARs over the years and understands USGS CHS contract requirements. We provide constant support and USGS CHS contract compliant software solutions.

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    Bid Support Package for USGS CHS Government Contract Holders.

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    Unparalleled customer support to walk you through onboarding, implementation, USGS CHS government contract requirements, and beyond.

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    Guided product demo and unlimited access to tutorials and other resources.

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    Custom and standard pricing options are available to meet both pre and post contract award.