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Creating quotes was never this easy!

Make your day-to-day quoting a lot simpler, faster and accurate
with VARStreet’s quote generation software.

Carry your own branding on your quotes
Carry your own branding on your quotes

Create Quote in Minutes
Multiple quote templates

Choose from different pre-designed, user-friendly and attractive quote templates.

Brand your quotes

Our quote generation software lets you add your logo, business colors, branding, etc to the quote template.

Internal and external preview

View cost price, margins, distributors, etc. on the internal preview. Limit what customers can view.

Creating a quote
Create Quote in Minutes 1
Create a sales quote

Create a new quote. Copy existing quotes. Save, edit, print or export quotes. Create and maintain quote versions.

A vast product catalog

Access real-time cost and inventory from 45+ distributors and 7 million+ SKUs in our aggregated catalog.

Add or import items

Add products from your VAR catalog to your quotes easily with a few clicks! Create a new item on the fly while quoting. Import bulk spreadsheets.

Rich content

FREE rich content from VARStreet lets you prepare attractive and professional quotes complete with images and full technical specifications.

Quick quoting

Quote with just an email address without creating a customer account. Add products and send the quote.

Swift quote delivery

Send a quote in Excel or PDF formats, as a Web URL or make it available on your eCommerce store or through PunchOut for customers who need it.

Real-time pricing with VARStreet
Accurate pricing

Access real-time price and inventory from multiple distributors and compare pricing while creating quotes.

Access to distributor discounts

View deals and promos offered by distributors to create winning quotes.

Know your competitors

Check street pricing from multiple sources while quoting. Allows you to quote a competitive price.

Rule-based calculations

Set rules to automatically calculate tax, freight, discounts, etc., when you create a sales quote.

Automated price calculation

Set prices, mark-ups, discounts, etc. for different customers based on customer or contact.

VARStreet’s Instaquote the best quoting software for VARs
Approval workflows

Create approval workflow rules by customer, distributor, manufacturer, margin, order value, or any combination of these and various other parameters.

Parametric search

Find the right product easily with our powerful search engine. Quickly search and add items from the aggregated catalog, custom catalog or the contract catalog to the quotes.

Quoting for contracts

Several built-in features to help businesses that sell to government institutions. Select products from the contract catalog, apply contract pricing, etc.

Online quotes

Quotes can also be made available on your VAR eCommerce store for online viewing, tracking and purchasing. Customers can request for a quote and view or compare products online.

Mobile Quoting App

Empower your sales reps with our Mobile Quoting App for on the go quoting. They can create professional quotes anytime, anywhere and not be dependant on inside sales reps to close a sale quickly.

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