Integrate e-Automate with VARStreet

Optimize your VAR business by seamlessly integrating it with e-Automate

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e-Automate Integration

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e-Automate Integrations

e-Automate is a cloud-based business management solution that removes the need for disparate systems, streamlines critical daily processes, and provides real-time visibility into every area of your service operation. Align your VAR business for success with a VARStreet and e-Automate integration.

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New customers or contacts created in VARStreet are created in e-Automate too.

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VARStreet orders create orders in e-Automate.

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VARStreet orders create sales orders in e-Automate.

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Any VARStreet order item not currently in e-Automate gets added to the e-Automate inventory.

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Purchase orders created in VARStreet create purchase orders in e-Automate and vice-versa.

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