Mavenlink Integration with VARStreet

Gain complete visibility into your sales pipeline and transactions and a better handle on resource management with a Mavenlink and VARStreet integration.


Mavelink Integration


Mavelink Integrations

Mavenlink’s industry cloud solution for professional services delivers transformative value by putting resource optimization at the core to provide integrated project management, collaboration and accounting, enables complete visibility, across teams and projects.

VARStreet's Mavenlink PSA and CRM integration offers VARs and MSPs transparency in their sales pipelines and efficient handling of resources, leads and opportunities ensuring maximized closure of deals.

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A separate Mavenlink tab under products tab of VARStreet Quote has a Rate Card selection drop down which bring the list of Rate Card available on Mavenlink at run time.

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Users can add resources (Role) available under selected rate card. This list also comes at run time from Mavenlink.

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Quotes created in VARStreet can be sent to your Mavenlink application and an estimate is created in Mavenlink.

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Versions of quotes in VARStreet create a new scenario under the same Mavenlink estimate.

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Opportunity marked as WON in VARStreet are updated in the Mavenlink estimate and a project is created in Mavenlink for the same.

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Once a Project is created in Mavenlink the estimate gets locked and cannot be edited.

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