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Optimize your VAR business with a VARStreet - NetSuite ERP integration

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Integrations are the demand of modern day selling. They bring a host of benefits not just to sellers but to customers as well. Bring all your processes together with tight integration between quotation, eCommerce, CRM and ERP software applications. Align your VAR business for success with a VARStreet and NetSuite integration

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Gain control of your all your sales channels with an integrated ERP, CRM, eCommerce
and quotation software.

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Automate business processes and get rid of disparate software and spreadsheets. A well
integrated business application removes redundancies and expedited order
fulfilment processes.

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Get real-time visibility into your entire business process to make timely and informed decision.

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Bi-directional communication between NetSuite and VARStreet's sales quoting and eCommerce
application ensures that key information about orders is available in
real-time across all departments.

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A 360 degree view of every sales process and customer activities enables your sales
team to nurture leads effectively, close sales faster and improve after sales service.

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A well integrated business application provides B2B buyers with an enhanced customer experience
of relevant searches, faster order processing, customized solutions and
landing page and many other features necessary for B2B buying.

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