Other cXML compatible systems Punchout

VARStreet supports punch-out transaction for proprietary / homegrown cXML compatible procurement systems as well. If the procurement system supports to send PO confirmation to VARStreet system, order confirmation can be automated as well. In short the transaction round trip depends on the procurement system.


The user connects to reseller’s ecommerce store using Single-sign-on method through procurement system. Reseller needs to ensure that the user credentials are synchronized across both the systems before testing starts.

Submit Shopping Cart

On successful connection, it launches the supplier’s Ecommerce store within the buyer’s own procurement system. Buyer can now browse the store and search for products like they do on any regular Ecommerce store and add items to the shopping cart. Once buyer Submit / checkout the cart, the buyer is navigated back into the procurement application with the cart as purchase request (using cXML).

Receive Confirmed Purchase Order

The buyer then proceeds through all the necessary workflow steps – which may include adding or deleting items, cancelling the requisition or sending it for approval to the right authorities etc. Once approved, the buyer then creates a Purchase order and sends it to reseller via email, fax, Mail or any other mode as agreed between the Buyer and the Supplier.
The reseller will process the same shopping cart from back office based on the confirmation.
Since most of the transaction details are available in the system, it saves a lot of time for reseller to process the order and respond back to buyer.