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Salesforce is the world's number 1 CRM with over 150,000 companies both big and small growing their business with Salesforce. Integrating VARStreet and Salesforce ensures you move deals faster and make insightful decisions.

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Real-time synchronization of customer and contact information between VARStreet and Salesforce instantaneously.

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Information like cost, price, margins, items, etc. flow from VARStreet into Salesforce
along with the sales order and necessary documents like actual quotes, collaterals, etc.

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Access VARStreet’s quotation and eCommerce backoffice in Salesforce via a single sign on.
Eliminate the need to toggle windows between two applications.

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Quotes from VARStreet’s Sales Quote Software are synchronised as opportunities
in Salesforce.

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Link opportunities already created or existing in Salesforce to quotes in VARStreet.

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Ecommerce shopping carts can also create opportunities with web as the identifier.

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