SalesForce CRM

Integration with SalesForce CRM

SalesForce is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used hosted CRM application worldwide. VSiF provides out-of-box connections to We have done some extensive integration between VARStreet and SalesForce which is currently being utilized by some of the largest technology Value Added Resellers in North America. Our SalesForce integration covers the business flow related to customers, contacts and Opportunities. It helps the sales person to keep track of the consolidated Sales pipeline in SalesForce all the time.

What will you get?

  • Real-time Synchronization of customer and contact information between VARStreet and Accounts and contacts in SalesForce instantaneously. The synchronization of the information is bidirectional and hence if you create a new customer/contact in one system or update an existing one the other system is automatically updated and hence eliminating the need for duplicate data entry
  • Quotes from VARStreet Sales Quote Software are synchronised as Opportunities in SalesForce. ECommerce shopping carts can also create opportunities with web as the identifier.
  • Opportunity status is updated once the Quotes / Carts are converted into Sales order in VARStreet.
  • All the necessary information like – cost, price, margins, items flow from VARStreet into SalesForce along with the Sales Order
  • Necessary documents like actual quotes, collaterals etc flow from VARStreet into SalesForce.
  • Any opportunities already created / existing in SalesForce can also be linked to quotes to ensure sales pipeline status is accurate.
  • Access VARStreet BackOffice & ECommerce inside of via single sign on and hence eliminating the need to toggle windows between two applications.
  • Ability to handle custom requirements.


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