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VARStreet for Logitech Resellers

VARStreet's sales quotation and eCommerce platform comes with an integrated Logitech product catalog from distributors like Arbitech, Arlington, ASI Partners, Comstor,Essendant, Ingram Micro and more.

VARs who partner with any of these Logitech distributors can leverage this online product catalog for eCommerce and sales quoting. You also get real-time price and inventory from various distributors on a single screen in the VARStreet application.


Logitech Products Catalog Integration

Thousands of Logitech products in our aggregated catalog. Add products to quotes or sell products online without any hassles.

Logitech Distributor Connections

VARStreet has integrations with Arbitech, Arlington, ASI Partners, Comstor, Essendant, Ingram Micro, S. P. Richards, Supplies Network, and Tech Data for Logitech products and integrations with 50+ Distributors with a combined catalog of over 7 million IT and office supply products from other manufacturers.

A Vast Logitech Product Catalog

Daily price and inventory updates and FREE rich content for products from the Logitech catalog.

Categories and Sub-Categories

Sell Logitech products from over 40 categories like computer accessories, IT equipment, wireless equipment, etc online. Thousands of Logitech products like Input Devices, Consumer Electronics, Computer Systems, Telecommunication, WebCams, Video & Web Conference Equipment, Microphones, Keyboards & Keypads, Headsets/Earsets, Gaming Controllers, Remote Controls, Multimedia Speakers, etc. in VARStreet's aggregated catalog.

Price and Inventory

Get prices and inventory updates from Logitech distributors and other distributors from our 50+ distributor connections you have accounts with straight to your VARStreet application. Compare prices on a single-screen screen!

Rich Content

FREE rich content from Etilize, IceCat, and Logitech distributors.

Promotions and Rebates

View promotions, rebates, and offers on Logitech products from multiple distributors before quoting or sourcing.

Sell Logitech Products

VARStreet Modules to Help Logitech Resellers.


VARStreet is the best eCommerce platform to sell Logitech products online. Not only do we have a Logitech product catalog integration but our eCommerce platform has many features to help you sell Logitech products online.

Sales Quoting

The entire Logitech catalog is synced with our sales quoting tool. Create quotations quickly and price accurately. We also support complex quoting features like approval workflows, bundling, etc. and have a robust CPQ tool as well.


Having all the important information while sourcing helps you always make intelligent buying decisions. Confirmed quotes or online orders can quickly be converted to sales orders and purchase orders and sent to distributors for fulfillment.

Top Logitech Product Sub-Categories

Input Devices

Consumer Electronics

Computer Systems


Power Equipment


Video & Web Conference Equipment

Pointing Devices


Keyboards & Keypads

Headsets / Earsets

Gaming Controllers

Remote Controls

Multimedia Speakers

Mounting Kits