Mobile Quoting Software


In 1999, the idea behind keeping VARStreet XC cloud based was to ensure that VARS are able to manage their business anywhere and anytime on the go. However with the numerous advancements in the mobile devices industry it was imperative to provide a tool to VARS which they could operate on their smart phones or tablets.

What is VARStreet A2Q?

VARStreet A2Q is the next stage in VARStreet Sales Quoting Software. VARStreet A2Q is a simplified mobile extension of the current version of VARStreet Sales Quoting Module. We have taken our whole Search and sales quoting module and created a mobile application so that you are able to do product search and also create sales quotations quickly and easily. Imagine a scenario where you are having a meeting with a customer at his office and he asks you for a Sales Quote. You are able to check on your mobile device for available products along with their cost and inventory from all distributors. All you have to then do is to quickly add that to a quote and send it to your customer within few minutes. Not only this, your customer signs off the quotation and makes an online payment or approval instantly. That’s the power of VARStreet A2Q – Anytime, Anywhere Quoting on mobile for you! No more “I will get back to you’s”.

What do you get?

  • A mobile App (Not just Responsive UI) for VARStreet Quoting Module, Search and Customer Master.
  • It is an extension of VARStreet Back office. If you are already a VARStreet customer then you can just add this to your existing subscription.
  • Works on Android and iOS Devices and can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Browse, search and compare products on the Go. Get real time price and availability for that product from multiple distributors set up in your VARStreet account.
  • Create, send and manage quotes from your mobile device. Also check the most recent quotes and their current status.
  • Reduce sales cycle, right from scheduling appointments and follow-ups to closing deals.
  • Most of the functions of VARStreet Quoting, Search and Customer Master have been simplified for a Mobile device.
  • Single Database for both Web and Mobile versions and hence completely syncs with your VARStreet back office real time.
  • So an inside Sale Rep can create a quote on the Desktop/Laptop for an outside sales rep who in turn can view it on his/her mobile device and send it to the customer.
  • Manage your VARStreet licensing better by providing the desktop licenses to all inside sales rep and A2Q licensing to all outside sales reps, thereby reducing your overall licensing cost.

To know more about VARStreet A2Q, please call VARStreet sales rep at 781-262-0609 or send an email at