VARStreet announces Integration with HubSpot CRM

Published on 20-10-2020 | Product Team

The integration will give VARs real-time visibility into their sales pipeline and help them close deals faster.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, October 2020 | VARStreet is happy to announce that our business management application now offers integration with HubSpot CRM.

Our customers in the VAR business rely heavily on sales repping and we understand that a sales rep usually has many leads to follow and prospects in different stages of the sales cycle. That’s a lot of critical information to track and stay on top of! A CRM module that can minutely track this sales process makes the day-to-day activities of sales reps a lot easier and also helps managers track the sales cycle efficiently.

Shiv Agarwal, Director of Sales and Marketing, VARStreet Inc. said, “Our software stack is designed to eliminate silos and bring your marketing, sales, accounts, procurement and support teams together. And we have a great CRM which gives clear visibility on every step of a sale, and manages contacts, prospects and customers efficiently, so an external CRM is not really needed for VARStreet customers.”

But he also added, “ We always listen to our customers and VARStreet has evolved over time based on feedback and suggestions from customers. Many of our prospects and customers use HubSpot CRM and with this integration they can now easily pull customer or contact information, deals and opportunities from HubSpot into VARStreet and gain increased visibility into the sales quoting process and status of every sales quote against a prospect or customer”.

You can read more about the VARStreet and HubSpot integration on ourwebsite. We also recently completed a successful integration with Zoho CRM amongst others, and have a team of highly experienced engineers to carry out custom integrations with any home-grown software businesses may use.

About VARStreet

VARStreet Inc is a premier provider of a hosted B2B, B2G and B2C advanced sales quoting and eCommerce solution for IT and office supplies VARs, system integrators and solution providers. VARStreet can also be leveraged by IT manufacturers, distributors and other channel partners.

Fueled by more than $20 million capital investment, VARStreet is headquartered in Boston, MA and has a subsidiary in Pune, India. VARStreet XC has been available in the market since 1999 and has undergone continual upgrades to adapt to the changing needs of the market and its customers.