VARStreet comes with a Built-in Control Mechanism for Sales Quotes and Purchase Orders

Published on 01-09-2015 | Product Team

VARStreet has built a highly robust enhancement application that enables the management to keep a track of sales quotes and purchase orders that go out of the company, through its internal control mechanism.

VARStreet has an inbuilt control mechanism that allows the management to have a greater control over the quotes and PO that are sent out of the company. Sales reps who are involved in the process of quote generation will not be able to send quotes to the customers unless it satisfies the control criteria established by the management. The management can set up control values for the organizational quoting process based on Quote margin, Quote value, Product OEMs, etc. For instance, the sales rep won’t be able to sell products for a profit that is below the specified criteria. So any quote that fails to meet these criteria will have to first go through a management approval built into the system. Based on the results of the approval, the quote may or may not be sent to the customer.

Similarly control values have been established on the purchase order side, which will allow the management to keep a track of purchase orders that go out of the company. Control values can be specified depending upon the date/time of order, last minute orders, distributor to whom PO is being sent, ordering cost, product OEMs etc.

All these processes can be set up either as linear or parallel that suits the convenience of the management.

Shiv Agarwal, Vice President – Sales, VARStreet says, “VARStreet had a very strong approval mechanism already on the store. However a lot of our large customers requested that we do this on the Quoting and PO side. I am sure this enhancement will provide tremendous value to these resellers who will have more control over how their sales and purchasing team uses VARStreet.”

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