VARStreet eCommerce Now With Web Application Firewall for Enhanced Security

Published on 24-02-2021 | Product Team

WAF security for VARStreet platform ensures optimum security for your eCommerce stores and automatic protection from diverse threats.

VARStreet has always had standard/known perimeter security layers and security devices such as firewalls which help you protect applications from bad IPs, geolocations, etc., implemented from the beginning of the service.

The Intrusion Protection System protects the DDoS attacks to a large extent. But as hacking patterns have changed over time, the attacks are done at the HTTP/HTTPS level, which is deeper than before and difficult to stop using IDS/IPS. Hence the evolution of Web Application Firewall (WAF) became obvious.

eCommerce sites are most vulnerable to hacking since they are open public, i.e. without any authentication and running an eCommerce site without WAF is an invitation for hackers or scammers to attack you. Attacks on apps are the easiest way for hackers to get access to your sensitive business data.

Using WAF VARStreet can effectively block these attacks and ensure that no one can compromise your system. WAFs inspect the traffic as it comes and goes, preventing common attacks that arise from application code vulnerabilities (such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection).

Web Application Firewall Security is specially designed to analyze HTTPS requests at the application layer and protect against HTTP DOS attacks, Open Web Application Security Project's well-known top 10 security risks (OWASP) and many more.

It also prevents all traffic with common anomalies such as malicious IPs, ToR traffic, volumetric DDoS attacks, bad BOTs (allows good BOTs), etc.

A WAF may be part of a larger suite for IDS/IPS, and could also enhance the application's performance if the WAF is inline so that the application doesn't waste resources at various layers in the infrastructure.

WAFs are also much faster in deploying fixes. Complex application updates can take weeks or months, but WAFs often have their protection updated in minutes. Hence it helps to keep the web application secured all time and perform efficiently for the real business users.

With WAF security for VARStreet platform, real-time monitoring of the traffic, reporting and robust logging lets us see what’s happening instantly and helps to mitigate the risks immediately. As it monitors and blocks anomalous traffic for the application, it helps the VARStreet platform to serve efficiently to real business users.

About VARStreet

VARStreet Inc is a premier provider of a hosted B2B, B2G and B2C advanced sales quoting and eCommerce solution for IT and office supplies VARs, system integrators and solution providers. VARStreet can also be leveraged by IT manufacturers, distributors and other channel partners.

Fueled by more than $20 million capital investment, VARStreet is headquartered in Boston, MA and has a subsidiary in Pune, India. VARStreet XC has been available since 1999 and has undergone continual upgrades to adapt to the changing needs of the market and its customers.