VARStreet Enhances Capabilities to Handle Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Requirements of Enterprise VARS

Published on 17-01-2017 | Product Team

VARStreet, the leading all-in-one business management software company for IT & Office supplies VARS, has recently made substantial enhancement into its quoting module to facilitate Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) requirements of its customers.

This new enhancement will help VARStreet’s enterprise customers to create complex quotes easily using the application. It provides VARS a seamless way to create, negotiate and approve quotes, and quickly turn them into orders in a web-based application.

VARStreet already includes a very robust catalog management module and that integrates with 35+ distributors to pull the most updated catalog and pricing, is now even more powerful with the CPQ functionalities. The built-in Configuration engine with bundling abilities, Upsell and Cross-sell mechanism, Rules & Approval workflow module and advanced price configuration capabilities makes VARStreet CPQ software a very powerful tool for its enterprise VAR customers. On top of that it also provides VARS with an ability to present the quote in VAR’s eCommerce Store making the entire quote to ordering process seamless and unified.

VARStreet CPQ module will tremendously help its current and future enterprise customers by reducing cost and improving revenue with efficient quote creation process, in turn minimizing the chances of errors in quote creation.

With a very tight approval workflow mechanism that can be designed as per the needs of every organization, management can ensure the quotes that go out of the system are accurate without having to spend a lot of time in gathering and presenting information.

The VARStreet platform also comes with a built-in CRM module that ensures the entire sales process from Enquiry to Quoting & Ordering resides within VARStreet. On top of that, it also integrates well with most leading ERP and CRM applications.

Shiv Agarwal, Vice President – Sales, VARStreet says, “We already have a very efficient quoting tool that our VAR customers loved and now with the inclusion of CPQ capabilities, VARStreet will become the must-have tool for all medium and large VARS that do complex quoting.”

About VARStreet

VARStreet is a cloud based all-in-one business management software for all IT & Office Supplies VARS, MSP’s System Integrator & Solution Providers in USA and Canada. Founded in 1999, VARStreet has worked with 4000+ VARS and 15,000+ VAR users, collective wisdom of which has helped us create the industry leading VAR Business Management application. VARStreet comprehensive Business Management suite includes integration with 35+ distributors for daily catalog and pricing update, a very robust Quoting Software Module with a Mobile Quoting App for anytime anywhere quoting, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote solution) for large enterprise VARS, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Sales Order Management, Purchasing / Procurement Management and a sophisticated E-Commerce Store.

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