VARStreet Incoporates Arbitech Products in its E-commerce and Quoting Solution.

Published on 15-08-2015 | Product Team

VARStreet announces integration with Arbitech for data-center products, parts and services. It continues addition of new distributors to increase offerings for VARs to its preconfigured package.

VARStreet the leading provider of integrated Sales Quoting and e-Commerce software for IT and Office products Channel, today announced integration with Arbitech to offer data center technology products and services to its VARs. Resellers can now offer Arbitech products to their customers through VARStreet’s preconfigured package for the e-commerce store.

Arbitech is a premier alternative distributor of servers, storage, networking, software, power, VoIP and mobile computing products in the United States and also specializes in virtualization, VDI and surveillance solutions.

With this integration, VARStreet will be able to support Arbitech resellers with daily price and inventory files, quoting, e-commerce and other automated processes and systems. Also, existing VARStreet resellers can add Arbitech to their current list of distributors and broaden their product portfolio at competitive rates. Resellers can do this by using VARStreet’s e-commerce platform which allows them to create highly customizable e-Commerce Storefront integrated with a very robust backend for Automated Sales Quoting, Sourcing, Distributor Connections and Catalog and Content.

“An IT reseller lives in a very dynamic and competitive industry, increasing product range and efficiency through distributor connections is one of the way to improve margins and offering” said Shiv Agarwal, Vice President – Sales, VARStreet.

VARStreet cloud hosted solution helps VARs scale up, increase offerings, improve efficiency and productivity.

About VARStreet

VARStreet is a premier provider of On Demand/Hosted B2B, B2G and B2C e-Commerce and Sales Quoting solution for IT and office supplies VARs, system integrators and various other technology solution providers. Since its market presence from 1999, VARStreet has successfully served more than 3000 resellers and 10,000+ VAR users.

VARStreet provides a complete hosted and customizable e-Solution with a holistic portfolio of automated modules which include sales quoting and ordering, purchasing/e-Procurement, aggregated and custom catalog, contract management, e-Marketing and a highly customizable and configurable e-Commerce storefront. It also integrates with numerous CRM, ERP, SRM, accounting and business systems and offers punch outs with known procurement systems. Its powerful aggregated catalog engine collates products from 22+ IT and office products distributors, adds rich product content from eTilize ensuring availability of accurate specifications, pricing and inventory. Real time XML integration is also available with top distributors.

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