VARStreet is Now Available for Office Supplies Resellers Seeking Demand/Hosted B2B, B2G and B2C E-commerce Solutions

Published on 18-09-2013 | Product Team

VARStreet product can now be used by office supplies resellers for processing orders, quoting as well as e-commerce.

VARStreet Inc, the leading provider of integrated Sales Quoting and e-Commerce software for IT and Office products Channel, today announced the official availability of its e-commerce platform for Office Supplies Resellers. The VARStreet platform will enable these resellers to increase their virtual visibility as well as maximize their investments on e-commerce.

The comprehensive VAR software from VARStreet is already a huge success with US and Canada based VARs, MSPs and other IT providers‚ who want to create highly customizable e-Commerce Storefront integrated with a very robust backend for Automated Sales Quoting, Sourcing, Distributor Connections and Catalog and Content. Of late, there had been continual requests from the clients and prospects to extend VARStreet's e-commerce solutions to office supplies VARs. This was the driving force behind the latest announcement and addresses office supplies resellers' needs to access the completed hosted and on demand e-solutions of the company.

“We want to expand our reach to as many as technology solution providers present in the industry. The availability of VARStreet platform to office supplies resellers is the result of our consistent efforts to deliver innovative and competitive business solutions to IT and office supplies VARs, system integrators and other such providers‚” said Shiv Agarwal, Vice President – Sales‚ VARStreet. “The new development will only further multiply our existing revenues.”

To provide a head start to the resellers‚ VARStreet has already included all major office supplies distributors in its catalog. The company has also partnered with a few medium and large office supplies customers and is expecting to add more customers rapidly. VARStreet understands that it needs to provide intelligent tools to its resellers to help them increase their business efficiency and bottom line. Therefore, the company has integrated Supplies Finder and Ink & Toners Finder to offer more value to the office supplies VARs.

VARStreet provides a complete hosted solution ensuring scalability and quick uptime at minimal cost. The office supplies resellers can sell and procure office supplies products through a highly customizable and configurable e Commerce Storefront. Etilize, which is the most respected IT data provider in the world, has been made available to office supplies products too for rich content. VARStreet’s inbuilt workflow engine is currently used by some of the largest resellers to streamline and automate their entire procurement transaction cycle, right from procuring the order, sending the purchase order to the distributors, shipping the product to the customers and tracking the entire order online till its completion. It only makes sense that the benefits of this platform are leveraged by office supplies resellers as well.

VARStreet plans to add more customizable features to the future versions of e-commerce software for office supplies VARs and also issue regular updates regarding new office supplies tools and solutions for continual value enrichment of reseller business.

About VARStreet

VARStreet is a premier provider of On Demand/Hosted B2B, B2G and B2C e-Commerce and Sales Quoting solution for IT and office supplies VARs, system integrators and various other technology solution providers. Since its market presence from 1999, VARStreet has successfully served more than 3000 resellers and 10,000+ VAR users.

VARStreet provides a complete hosted and customizable e-Solution with a holistic portfolio of automated modules which include sales quoting and ordering, purchasing/e-Procurement, aggregated and custom catalog, contract management, e-Marketing and a highly customizable and configurable e-Commerce storefront. It also integrates with numerous CRM, ERP, SRM, accounting and business systems and offers punch outs with known procurement systems. Its powerful aggregated catalog engine collates products from 22+ IT and office products distributors, adds rich product content from eTilize ensuring availability of accurate specifications, pricing and inventory. Real time XML integration is also available with top distributors.

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