VARStreet migrates to Kendo framework by Telerik to provide an outstanding user experience for their VAR platform

Published on 27-10-2021 | Product Team

VARStreet gets their SaaS platform makeover done by adopting Kendo's framework.

VARStreet Inc. is one of the most widely used business management solutions for IT and office supplies VARs in the United States and Canada. The transaction value through VARStreet platform is worth $12 billion anually. The business management software is an all-in-one solution offering multiple modules including B2B eCommerce software, advanced sales quoting tool, procurement system and free CRM application.

Kendo by Telerik is a comprehensive user interface framework for building feature-rich websites and applications. It has a rich library of UI components in a variety of coding languages. Both Telerik and Kendo UI have received 2021 TrustRadius awards for their software components.

The main objective of adopting Kendo framework is to standardize UI components of VARStreet platform and add feature-rich advanced UI controls for the VARs. The framework will enhance the user experience of the platform and will enable VARStreet developers to offer a modern and feature-rich UI.

Ajay Kumar, Lead Architect handling this project mentioned, "Kendo's framework equips our developers with all that is necessary to enrich the user experience. The framework is scalable and its library of widgets and data visualization gadgets will allow our team to build interactive and high-performance software systems in just a few days, instead of weeks and months." Santosh Shilwane, Lead Project Manager, added, "Customer framework continue to grow while the time required to develop world-class applications continues to shrink".

VARStreet recently announced its next-generation product strategy where the focus is on enhancing the user experience of the platform and meeting the increased demands of value added resellers.

About VARStreet

VARStreet Inc is a premier provider of a hosted B2B, B2G, and B2C advanced sales quoting and eCommerce solution for IT and office supplies VARs, system integrators, and solution providers. VARStreet can also be leveraged by IT manufacturers, distributors, and other channel partners.

Fuelled by more than $20 million in capital investment, VARStreet is headquartered in Boston, MA, and has a subsidiary in Pune, India. VARStreet has been available in the market since 1999 and has undergone continual upgrades to adapt to the changing needs of the market and its customers.