Our Infrastructure On Cloud

All of VARStreet solutions come ready-to-deploy. No hardware to purchase. No software to install. No routine IT operations. All designed to help cut your initial investment, and time to deploy. With our world-class fully managed service – you can focus on your business and leave the IT to us.

VARStreet is one of the early adapters of SaaS model since 1999 and has been successfully supporting several hundred clients in US over the past 13 years with consistent reliability in service and uptime. Our Data Center partner is Expedient Inc located at Boston, Massachusetts & we have a proven track record in site uptime over the past several years. Our data center environment is sized considering the load on the entire system and deployed through Virtualization architecture for scalability based on load and performance requirements. We have also deployed one of the most reliable storage mechanisms – RAID drives. Our VARStreet application is a classical single instance of the application serving all our customers and run on an Oracle database. We also have supporting content and pricing databases in MYSQL on Linux servers. We constantly review our infrastructure and update to meet our customer requirements.

Hosting infrastructure:

VARStreet platform is hosted in well known Data Center service provider, Expedient Inc. located at Boston, Massachusetts. Expedient provides complete Virtual Private dedicated environment with multi-tiered security. VARStreet environment has been built with redundancy at multiple levels. It makes the complete environment secured and reliable. The virtual environment setup using VM Ware helps spinoff the virtual machines in a very short time. It helps us to minimize the downtime for such business critical application.

The web farm in our environment is load balanced using state-of-art load balancer from Cisco. It helps to distribute the customer request across multiple server and hence to maintain performance at optimum level. The combination of virtualization and load balancer enables VARStreet to handle increase in customer requests by expanding the web farm in shortest possible time.

The redundancy in Internet connectivity makes it possible for VARStreet to provide availability of VARs Ecommerce site 24 x 7. Our applications run on best of breed hardware and software – including Dell Rack Servers with SSD storage, Cisco routers, switches & load balancers, ORACLE Database, Microsoft, VeriSign, etc. In addition all daily, periodic IT operations including price downloads, processing, backups are all managed for you completely by us.

A high-performance, robust, scalable, fully managed platform – for serious online business.

High Performance, High Availability

Very High uptime, 50 Mbps burstable pipe. High availability platform with automatic failovers, redundancy, load balancing – and hot standby database and system with continuous performance monitoring. Highly tuned, stress tested 3 Tier architecture optimized for maximum throughput.


We use state-of-the art monitoring software to provide health and performance analysis. Our monitoring technology comprises of hardware and software probes, agents, applications and utilities – designed to provide early warning notifications – and initiate pre-defined corrective actions or trouble-avoidance procedures and processes when thresholds are reached. The complete visibility of entire infrastructure is provided through the customer portal to VARStreet. VARStreet network administrator has complete visibility for the configuration of networking units.

VARStreet service is also monitored from different locations in North America for its up time. Our Network Administrators and Customer support team is alerted as soon as any connectivity issue occurs with any location.


Besides standard UserID & Password authentication, we use advanced security methods based on dynamic data and encoded session identifications, and host the site in a secure environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from unauthorized users.
VARStreet back-office and ecommerce applications are completely secured. When our Site is accessed using – Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8.0 or higher, Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox 11.0 or higher – Network Solutions’ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects information using both server authentication and data encryption to help ensure that data is safe, secure and available only to you. We have implemented 2048-bit encryption certificate at the entry point which ensures that all the transactions within the portal are completely secured.
VARStreet has also received the PCI certification. It means the credit card transactions on VARStreet hosted eCommerce site are completely secured.

The complete environment is protected by Intrusion protection service, make the environment more conducive for eCommerce.

Data Back Up & Disaster recovery

To protect your information assets – Complete data is stored in high-performance and persistent SAN storage which is in RAID configuration. It completely assures the data availability all the time. VARStreet takes a Back Up of complete database at the end of business day. The backups are maintained for full week, weekly backup of one full month and monthly backup of 3 months – with off-site backups for disaster recovery.
In addition to this service you can also maintain the backup of your own data through some of the utilities provided within the application. There is an export utility provided to export your customer information, custom catalog and all transactions i.e. Quotes, Carts, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Customer Information and custom catalog etc.

Daily Data Downloads and Aggregation Processes

We download data from major distributors and vendors daily and perform complex aggregation and data processing functions every day – so that your E-Commerce applications run smoothly with no need for IT operations and management from your side. In addition as we release new versions of our applications – all your existing data is automatically migrated to the new data structures – overnight, so your users can harness the power of the new version, without being bottlenecked on data migration issues.