Aggregated catalog with 7 million+ IT hardware and office supply products

Catalog management software with 50+ IT and office supplies distributor connections.

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Aggregated catalog

The best IT product catalog
software for VARs

An aggregated catalog with real-time price and inventory to power your
VARs business and eCommerce both

Top distributors like Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Essendant, SP Richards, and many more with over 7 million products from all popular IT and office equipment manufacturers.

A ready product catalog

Catalogs from 50+ IT and office supplies distributors aggregated and normalized.

Auto price updates

Our catalog management software ensures your VARs catalog is updated daily with the current price and inventory.

Real time updates

XML Integraiton to get real-time price and inventory updates from top distributors in the US and Canada.

Preorganized catalog

A ready VARs aggregated catalog with product description, technical specifications, product images, long descriptions, etc.

IT Product Catalog

Easily add products to Custom catalog

A catalog management software to help you sell any product or service!

Add Custom Products
Add custom products or services

Add products outside our distribution network or services like warranty, installation, etc., to your custom
catalog. A true-blue VARs catalog.

Add Your Own Content
Add your own content

Write or upload unique categorization, product descriptions, tech specs,
marketing collateral, etc.

Manage Inventory
Manage inventory

Easily add or upload price and
inventory. Option to auto update
through FTP

Rich Content Tool
We get you rich content too!

If the content for your custom product
is covered by our content providers
we can get it for you!

Product Demo Video

Equip your VARs business for modern-age selling..

Get FREE rich content for your
VARs business

Top resellers spend thousands of dollars every month to license rich product content. VARStreet brings this to you at no extra charge.

Etilize and IceCat

We've partnered with Etilize and IceCat to get you FREE rich content like product images, descriptions, tech-specs, etc. We also get this from vendors and distributors directly, and partner with HP to get you updated content for HP products through the HP Content Syndication Program.

Universal taxonomy

A structured and universally accepted
taxonomy for all the products gives you
a clean VARs product catalog.

Pre-mapped to distributor catalog

All updates from the distributors are
automatically reflected in your VARs catalog
in real-time.

Deliver the right IT product content
to meet the needs of customers

Customers want to look at product images, compare products, and view tech specs
before making a purchasing decision. We give you all that and more.


Multiple product images, thumbnails, and large images.

Tech specs

Detailed technical specifications.

Long descriptions

Small and large product descriptions.


Manufacturer brochures, user manuals, marketing video etc.

Upsell information

Show 'Similar Products' to buyers on your ecommerce store.

Cross-sell information

Show 'Related Products' to buyers on your ecommerce store.

Aggregated Product Content

We understand the Govt. business
like no one else

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We work with some of the largest VARs selling to the Government and Educational

Contract catalog

Upload only contract items to the
contract catalog. Add products from the aggregated or custom catalog against a contract.

Complex contracts

Decide whether open market items
are allowed to sell under a particular

Customizable filters

Filters to exclude non catalog items
when quoting or setting up contracts.

A one-stop software to manage
all your business processes

Unparalleled support and
exceptional service

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    Constant support

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    Professional services

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VARStreet's Support and Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VARStreet’s aggregated catalog?

The cherry on the cake is their unique ‘Bid Support Program’ where they become a technical arm to VARs bidding for a DHS FirstSource III contract. Their support teams understand the RFP and set up your VARStreet subscription so you meet all the contract requirements. has distributor integrations with 50+ IT and office supply distributors in the United States and Canada. Using this integration, we pull the customer-specific catalog and price files from the distributors.

VARStreet then aggregates all the files received from multiple distributors into one single aggregated catalog of unique products. We also normalize categories, sub-categories, brands, etc., received from various distributors. We also partner with Etilize, Ice Cat, and a few other content sources to provide rich content like images, tech specs, descriptions etc. in the aggregated catalog file.

VARStreet’s aggregated catalog is your single source of price and product information from multiple distributors along with rich content in a unified way. You can then use this information for quoting, eCommerce, price look-up, or make this product available on your eCommerce store.

How many distributors do you support in your aggregated catalog?

We currently integrate with 50+ IT and office supply distributors in the US and Canada. We keep adding more distributors every month, and this number keeps on growing. Please contact our sales/support to add a new distributor.

Which distributors are supported in VARStreet aggregated catalog?

VARStreet’s aggregated catalog contains products from all known IT and office supply distributors in the US and Canada. To learn about all the distributors supported in VARStreet aggregated catalog, please click here.

How many products are available in VARStreet’s aggregated catalog?

VARStreet’s aggregated catalog contains about 7 million SKUs from 8000 manufacturers across 30 categories and 750+ sub-categories. Resellers can also load their own products into the custom catalog. We keep adding new distributors regularly which adds more brands and categories to the catalog.

Can I get the product feed from all these distributors by subscribing to VARStreet?

To get product feed from any distributor in your VARStreet subscription you need to have an active account with the distributor. In case you want to sell products from a distributor but do not have an active account, you will have to add those products to your custom catalog.

Is aggregated catalog a generic catalog for everyone or specific to me?

Nope, it is a reseller specific catalog. We use the reseller's own account with the distributor to pull information and hence the products, pricing etc. that you see in your VARStreet subscription is specific to your account with the distributor and not generic information.

I work with a distributor that I do not see in the list of distributors that you integrate with? What can I do?

We keep adding new distributors frequently. In case you do not see a distributor that you work with in our integrated distributor list, get in touch with our sales or support team, and we can work towards adding the distributor

What are the benefits of VARStreet aggregated catalog?

Our integration with the product feed from 50+ Distributors ensures auto-updates of price and inventory. This catalog then can be used for quoting, procurement and also on your eCommerce store.

VARStreet updates the inventory and costs regularly, and hence you have the most up-to-date information at all times to run your daily business processes.

Based on the distributors you have an account with, you can do a multi-distributor price and inventory check, which will help you make better decisions for sales and procurement.

Are the price updates in real-time?

VARStreet’s integration with distributor product feeds ensures real-time price and inventory updates for all popular and widely used distributors. We provide daily price and inventory updates for the rest.

I don’t want to sell everything that is there in the aggregated catalog on my eCommerce store? What can I do?

VARStreet allows you to create a catalog subset by filtering your catalog by brands, categories, and sub-categories etc. You can then use this as your eCommerce catalog. In case you want the catalog on your eCommerce store to be customer-specific, you can catalog multiple unique subsets for every customer.

Can I download my aggregated catalog to use in my ERP?

Yes, we can provide you with the download of your aggregated catalog at the desired frequency. Catalog download is provided at an additional cost.

Do I get rich content in the catalog?

Yes. We partner with many popular rich content sources like Etilize, Icecat and a few others to provide maximum possible coverage of rich content like images, tech specs, long description, etc.

Do I have to pay anything additional for the rich content?

No, rich content comes absolutely FREE with all VARStreet subscriptions.

Along with IT and office supplies, I also sell other products? How can I accommodate that in VARStreet, I don’t want to set up an additional store for that?

No problem. VARStreet comes with a default custom catalog functionality which enables you to load any other products or services you want to sell. These products will be available for you to quote or also to sell on your eCommerce store.