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VARStreet's IceCat data integration allows us to provide our customers with FREE IceCat content.

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FREE IceCat product content with VARStreet

What is rich product content?

IceCat product content includes manufacturer approved information like the brand name, manufacturer part number (product code), product name, product series, images, standardized tech specs, logistic data and rich multimedia content like videos and demos.

Good product content influences decisions

Quality content is the key to convert leads or traffic to sales. 25% buyers are more likely to buy is the product content if of high quality and offers comprehensive information about a product.

IceCat data partner

Icecat, a global publisher and syndicator of rich product data and information for online and offline produces millions of product data-sheets in 60+ languages which are distributed through various sales and marketing channels globally.

Benefits of IceCat data integration

Add Custom Products
Enhance customer experience

Engaging product content like videos, detailed images and tours helps in lead generation and optimizes conversion through its focus on customer journey.

Add Your Own Content
Increase conversions

Engaging content which educates buyers increases their trust in the product and brand leading to a 64% increase in conversions.

Manage Inventory
Save time and cost

Creating quotations complete with rich content can be a task if done manually. VARStreet's integration with IceCat takes away the pain of finding disparate product sheets and attaching them to the quote.

Rich Content Tool
Reduce returns

When customers are well-informed about the product before they buy the rate of returns decreases considerably. Detailed product content educates customers and eliminates doubt.

Get IceCat Product Content Free

Standardized product content optimized for eCommerce.

Seamless integration of data between manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

Easy categorizing, filtering, searching and comparing of products.